S21 ultra dongle dac

Hello everybody i recently upgraded from a samsung galaxy s10 plus to an s21 ultra. I know that the ultra does not have a headphone jack so i just use my sony 1000xm3’s to listen to music. I am looking for a dongle dac that i can use with my blon bl03’s it does not have to break the bank. Under $80.

There are manyyy options in this price bracket. The first that come to mind are the Shangling dongle DACs (UA1 or UA2).

iBasso is also known for their dongle DACs, but I cannot remember the exact name, but they are definitely worth looking into.

I have read that the Samsung dongles aren’t anything to sneeze at either, so u can look at them too.

and if you’re in the US, Drop often has dongles on offer.

Ok well I’ll look into the samsung one and on drop also.

How about the tempotec sonata hd 2?

This here is exactly what you need

It gets demolished in this review.

Apple USB C adapter :stuck_out_tongue:

How about the ibasso dc03. I won’t be using any high impedance headphones only my blons. Or the samsung usb c adapter?

Hello everyone i just purchased the samsung dongle at my local best buy. I have yet to test it how well will it work with my blon bl03’s?

the blons are 32 ohms, and it should be driven by anything.

Heck, i use an iphone 8+ with the proprietary apple dongle dac, and I can listen to my blons just fine.

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