S350db or S360db

Hi, after watching Zeos review on the S350db i was so attracted to buy that speaker for my desktop.
Then i realise Edifier makes S360db with planar diaphragm tweeter! Cost a bit more but is it worth it?
Seriously cant find any comparison for these 2 anywhere.

Some reviewer said the S360db might not be great for close distance listening, but hey what if its compared with S350db. if you have the extra budget would it better to just get S360db?

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Looks like the S360DB are now available, would love to see if they are worth the extra over a S350DB for computer desktop use.

I have had the exact same question. Cant even find a decent video review of it anywhere. The speakers been out for over half a year now but still no one has covered it. Been trying to get Zeo’s attention to atleast give some nod of approval as to weather to get this over the 350db, if one had a bigger budget.

I own the S350DB’s as my current living room speakers. Love them to death. My only concern about the S360DB’s is the subwoofer is wireless only and I worry about future failure.

A year later and still no comparisons with these speakers?

i had both and S360DB are better and it was worth extra in my region (330€ vs 430€) but i heard that S350DB goes for around 250 dollars in some regions and S360DB are 500 dollars in that same region so in that case its not worth it

main differences are:

  • tweeters, planar tweeters are more directional so placement have a bigger role, you want those tweeters pointing at your head, and they are more clear but i did not heard a big difference but S360DB was brand new so it was not “burned in”
  • S360DB satellites are way better at mids and low mids
  • S360DBs wireless sub is very convenient, in case of S350DBs, you are quiet limited with sub placement because cable connecting right speaker and sub is not very long
  • S360DBs are tuned even more heavy on bass than S350DBs, at least it was in my case, i had S350DBs on -3 db on bass knob and -0,5 db in EQ, on S360DBs i have -5 db on bass knob and in EQ lows are tuned from 0,5 db to -2 db in some frequencies, no other tuning in EQ other than lows

Damn, I am looking to spend a bit more money than the s350 for my desk but the s360 being more directional is my biggest problem. I really want something with a wider sweet spot as I will either be listening in different positions or will be playing something with someone else in a different part of the room.

I would check out the Vanatoo T0 + sub at that price range.


I think I can get the Triangle Elara for not much more than the T0 over here (I think because that one is from Europe it is much cheaper than ones like The Fives and the TUK’s that cost more due to import fees) would that speakers have a wide sweet spot and be good enough for nearfield?

I am not sure about those. I think Zeos has a video on them iirc.

its not that crazy directional and further away its ok, just for close listening (im using them as desktop speakers) you can hear the difference when its not pointed at your ears and i can move, change positions and i dont hear a difference, only think i did was lifting the front of the speakers by 2cm so its pointed up a little but its still below my ears maybe 18cm and its fine and clear… when i had S350DB i had them flat
you can check out zeos review for S3000PRO, i thing it has the same tweeters with same waveguide on them so check out what he is saying about it

i just noticed difference between S350DB and S360DB, with dome tweeter on S350DB when it was not point in my ears dirrection it was less noticeable at close range