Sabaj D5 Balanced DAC/AMP

Sabaj D5 Hi-Res Audio Digital to Analog Converter Balance HiFi Headphones Amplifier DAC Chip ES9038PRO ES9311 32bit/768kHz DSD512 W Preamplifier Remote Control

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I want a DAC as a good preamp with a volume knob. I want one to connect to a Crown XLS1502. Will this amp be a good preamp? Z just review just the headphone part. He seem to like it a lot.

Hey, have this in use as preamp for my Asgard SE and also directly as balanced HPA - works well for both, also like the remote as Im using it at work and need to mute it quickly if having to talk to somebody etc.

Thank you for the review. I ended up buying one because it was on sale at Amazon. It was a good thing I did, because i think is is a wonderful headphone amp / preamp. I also have the THX AAA 788 Monolith and I can not tell the difference between the two headphone amps.

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Interesting. Probably the cheapest with an ESS “pro” chip in it.
(That is, unless you buy random chinese no-name crap on eBay).

The dac/amp feels very solid and sounds very good imho. It can be used as an all-in-one office solution if you ask me. The dac-portion at least will probably last me for a very long time.

Balanced HD660s at 18-20 is as loud as Id ever want it (goes to 40). SE more like 20-25 for good volume.

There is another review of it here.

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So… ESS 9038PRO + 118dB SINAD XLR + 116dB SINAD RCA DAC, and 106dB SINAD headphone amp for 470$.

Well, holy shit, that’s endgame stuff. :smiley:

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Lol. Dat old comment.

Since then, I learned measurements don’t mean much. And DACs/amps can sound different. Even if they measure the same. Even if they’re the same price.

Definitely not endgame, that’s just… good numbers. Which means there’s absolutely nothing horribly wrong happening with it (interferences, hiss, distortion – obviously, the “D” in SINAD for is Distortion).

Topping DX7 is the same price I think. These combos are really interesting if you want an all-in-one and have active speakers you can plug via XLR.