Sabaj D5 or Monolith THX 788 for Sundaras, etc...

Recently just got the Sundaras and my Fiio e10k isn’t enough power and quality to drive them in my opinion. Looking to upgrade an all in one DAC/Amp under $500 to either the Sabaj D5 ($460) or the Monolith 788 ($500). Any recommendations or other combo DAC/Amps I should consider?

Was looking at the Fiio k5 pro for $150 but think I’d rather get something that’s better quality and more end game for me. Unless the k5pros match better with the Sundaras.

Thanks in advance for any help.


If you can find one on the used market, the Questyle CMA-400i pop up in that $500 range. A Schiit Asgard with a DAC card would be in range. There are others, but if it doesn’t have to be an all in one, there are a lot more options.