{Sale} Austrian Audio Hi-x60/65

Hello people, my first time posting !
Recently i was looking to buy Austrian Audio’s flagships Hi-x60/65. It seems that they are cheaper in my place :grinning: ! So i’ve decided to do some business and earn pennies for my new headphone.
(These were bought from the authorised dealer {Tom Lee} stated in Austrian Audio’s website)
(yes these numbers are tricky cause i calculate it my own hope u dont mind)

Ship Free & package insuranced
US HI-X60 : USD350 HI-X65 : USD389
AUSSIE HI-X60 : AUD442 HI-X65 : AUD527

Trade flow
1 : pay half $$
2 : i show u the package right before sending out (as way as Certificate of Posting)
2 : u pay remaining $$ after i sent

Shippment would be responsible by the Hong Kong Post

  1. 4 track point for package referencing
  2. Official Certificate of Posting avalible right after i post
  3. 7 - 14 days

For more
Hongkong Post - e-Express

PayPal payment : no family/friends/gift, only sent to verified address !
Contact me : [email protected]