Sale season need help. Kef Q150 or Elac ub5

Hello, I’m trying to get people opinion on the Kef Q150 and Elac Uni-fi Ub5. With the sales going on it seems like I could get ether of the speakers for around $300. I have done a bit of watching and reading and it’s confusing how the speakers are supposed to sound. I’m curious what people have to say about ether of them or have possibly compared them. I will be running them off of a Dennon X1500h receiver in a fairly large room but the listening area is in a corner about 15 x 15.

I’m not a fan of sharp highs I prefer more warm, I like a little bass and like mids and vocals, would like a good soundstage. I’m starting off with a 2.0 but will be upgrading to a 7.1 Atmos system through the year. I would appreciate any help, thanks.

I would say you would want to lean towards the elac then because the q150 will be more treble oriented imo. Also with the ub5, you can get a matching center and surrounds in the future I believe