Same brand studio monitor and subwoofer matters?

I got a pair of Kali LP-6 but I got to the conclusion that I need a subwoofer to reach the kind of sound that pleasures me. The big question is, the Kali subwoofer is WAYYY too much to me, it’s a 1000w subwoofer. I’m in a house environment, I’m usually playing at 70/80db so I don’t need all that power.

The big question is, it’s desirable to have the same brand of speaker and subwoofer due to their crossover configuration? If yes one possibility is to return the Kali’s and get a set of Adam’s or JBL’s as their subwoofers are way cheaper. Or I can simply save a little more and go with the monster Kali subwoofer. If the match is not important I could simply get a JBL subwoofer for example and use it with the Kali’s.

nope. only for those with OCD or prefer style over substance (in the case there are better options for the same / better price).

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Nah, it doesn’t matter.
What matters is, if you have a 5.1 or larger multichannel setup, its always nice to pair the center channel with the front L-R speakers, but other than that, you can get pretty much anything you want.
Besides you generally can adjust the crossover frequencies on subwoofers to better match your setup.