Same file, same DAC/amp, same IEMs, same software player, but different hardware player. Radically different sound?

My source song file is from spotify on very high, the software player is spotify obviously, the DAC/amp is the Fiio BTR5, the headphones are Tin P1. Even the USB C cable is the same.

If I play it on my LG G8 phone – USB C --> BTR5, everything is amazing and smooth. Just needs a bass bump, which is just the headphones. Direct from the phone doesn’t have enough power to get it to the same volume.

If I play it on my computer – USB C --> BTR5, the highs are a lot more forward and there’s so much sibilance that “s” sounds are basically static.

This is with or without EQing on both. With about the same volume on both.

The only thing I can think of is that the bitrate is higher on my computer or that Peace on my computer is doing something with the sound that’s not documented. However, computer – USB C --> Fiio BTR3 does not have the same issue, even if I choose the same EQ profile in Peace.

I can get almost get rid of it with very heavy EQing, but don’t think I should need to do that considering it’s fine on a very slightly different output chain.

My speaker setup does not have this issue either, but it’s a completely different signal chain.

Any ideas?

Edit: I just realized I may have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Sorry.

No worries. I moved it to a different category for ya.

Out of curiosity, is the sibilance issue still there on your pc if you defeat Peace and Equalizer APO entirely?

Yes, it’s still there. It’s also not there on another computer over USB.