Samsung Galaxy buds +

the battterry and the driver improvements, 2way DD look great for not that much more money

I like the expanded battery and Multi Device Connection. It’s a shame they don’t have ANC though.

Just saw crinacle just posted his review.

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ANy idea of how these compare to cabled IEMs of the same price bracket?

Something like a fh3 or even a tin t4 or starfirld sounds much better than these guys. I find these compare pretty well to sub $50 Iems I’ve tried. After eq they do tend to get better but you can only tune a driver so much. I’m not the biggest fan of Harman based iems. But I find after eq it sounds pretty similar to my blon 03 but with better mid tonality, less muddy , and much better resolution in the treble region

V shaped sound type of guy eh?

nah closer to bass heavy warm is my general preference or neutral warm for IEMs. the stock galaxy buds plus is just stupid shouty due to the harman curve. Vshaped is something I tend to only like with headphones and speakers

ah, ofc, ofc

Got them today… I think the cheap CCA CST sound better.
However, my expectation of a 60€ warehouse TWS wasn’t huge and it’s alright for sport.
IPX2 is a bummer tho…
They don’t sound annoying or fatiguing, but it takes a while for the freaking “galaxy wearable” app to connect to them. I wish it was more plug & play, similar to what cheap bluetooth earbuds do…