Save me from my misery

Straight to the point. I want headphones for games and games only i don’t care for music.
I have about $215-$230 currently i have astro a40 with their mixamp. Can i get a better open-back headphone than the astros for the price i listed? If yes please tell me. I play warzone, apex, r6s, singleplayer games like resident evil, silent hill, just cause, sniper elite. Etc.

I want them to be able to do both competitive games and singleplayer games not one over the other.

I have seen the 880 600 ohm requested quite alot but i can’t get it nor the tyger 300r. I could get 880 250 ohm only from beyerdynamic.

Also i have a dedicated mic so no need for v-moda or anything.

Hey there, so I am going to say right now that the mixamp will not drive the beyerdynamics at 250 ohm or at 600 ohm whatsoever… that amp is incredibly weak and can only drive -maybe- up to around 80 ohms of power.

Why can you not get your hands on the tygrs? Not based in UK or USA?

I won’t power them by the mixamp i will buy any amp/dac combo i get recommended here.

I’m in the middle east. And it’s really really hard to get somethings and when i find something it takes months and huge amounts of money to ship. That’s why the only beyerdynamic i can get ia 880 250 ohm. Tyger 300r only one place ships them but it’s the mic bundle and i already have a mic as i used to stream.


Confused on this a bit though, if you can get the 250 why wouldn’t you be able to get the 600 ohms? Do be sure you are looking at the right variant of the beyers… they come in either “Pro” or “edition” sometimes referred to as “premium”. The version you want is the Premium as this has the straight cable and is the only version available to come in the 600 ohms. Regardless, youll be fine with 250

ah that makes sense then. Though I am not quite sure what amp dacs will be available to you… the 250 ohm 880 will work just fine over the astros… In terms of placements and staging its a much better choice. However, 250 ohms is quite bright so hopefully you can stand some treble. In this particular price point only really the beyers stand out for competitive gaming… There are some other alternatives but they aren’t as sharp on the imaging but it boils down to preferences such as comfort… for example some people like the k702 or k712 from akg due to the larger pads and light frame… others may choose ad700x to save some money as its very budget friendly but k7 series has imaging problems and ad700x has cheap build quality and separation problems. 58x jubilee probably won’t be available for you considering your area as that ones from drop…

I would say go with the beyer then… if its just strictly for gaming… try looking into something like the Soundblaster G6 or Fiio K5 Pro as these can drive up to the 600 ohm beyerdynamics

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Ok thank you i appreciate it. I think i will buy the 880 I’m just scared of the treble. Hehe

Sorry to bother you but will the fiio k3 power the beyer 880 250 ohm?

No. I know it is broad-strokes, but you’re buying a single-ended only headphone. The K3 puts out its most power via balanced connection.

Single-ended the specs I find indicate this does 120mW into 32 ohms.
I would not spend any money on that, based on your desired headphone.

nope. all that power is in the balanced port as mentioned above… 880 cannot use the balanced port less modded which requires taking apart the headphone and sodering a new kind of cable in it.