Scarllet solo alternative

as the title suggests. i do not like the looks of the scarllet, not a fan of metallic red. looking for something as good, but different looks. the behringer’s look ok, but perform worse.

I do not want to spend an arm and a leg, so maybe I am stuck with the scarllet, but all i seam to find are scarllet and behringer.

I mean I really like the Audient iD4, best sounding for the price imo. It’s got a class a mic pre, super clean, and burr brown dac and adc. Really sounds great and an upgrade from the scarlett solo

The MOTU M2 2x2 is also very solid for the price point

If you are looking to spend the same amount or not willing to go higher, the Steinberg UR12 is good but I prefer the focusrite

I would avoid presonus, some others and I have had nothing but trouble with them and I don’t think they sound that great for the price either

2 days of my life wasted to shitty drivers and “not really USB3.0”-connectivity… Avoid PreSonus

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Even their pure analog stuff isn’t that great tbh

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that’s what i was looking for! a little more style. thanks again! just wasn’t wanting too spend say 1k to get something that looks better lol

IDK man, if you want I can recommend some sick interfaces for that price lol

throw me a couple lol. I keep talking about setting up a studio in my basement for the local boys to record at. Plus go big or go home! lol I like seeing your “endgame for most” solutions. gives me personally stuff to strive for, and i am sure many others. And i do not mind spending more for better, i just know for me personally, i doubt i will " need" better haha. But for the WAF, i spend more to get my toys if i have to =)

Well, how many channels do you need? How many mics, and what IO are you looking for? Also do you want something simple or packed full of features, and what budget lol? Also would you like it to be all integrated or separate components?

i did not mention them because even my limited experience of researching led me to while they look good, they sound like windows(not much better). Shame to, cause that powder blue the old lady loves lol.

LOL would not even know where to answer that to be honest. I suppose separates would be cheaper then AIO. Lets say, for the sake of the rabbit hole =), I want to setup a minor studio to record rappers and alt bands. I feel like most interfaces would be good for rappers, but alt bands can get 5 6 or 7 deep. I guess to be able to record them all at the same time would be baseline for equipment.

There is a really good underground scene of music in my town, but no real way to get it out. a lot of inner city kids do not do youtube(posting that is). its expensive to get a decent camera/mic to make a video. Just have felt my whole life that there is potential in thios town, and now i have the means to possibly set something up lol. I will prolly just waste money, but meh. will make me happy in the process lol.

decent mic for 179? not at amazon, but B&H has it for 179

What are you recording, what would the room be, and what is the desired sound? If you go rode I personally like the nt1 more than the nt1a, but the 1a does better for female vocals where the 1 is more for male vocals. It’s pretty sensitive so I would suggest having a treated room to use it in

i c, mostly gaming to start lol might start making speaker build log videos soon to for fun. maybe thats not the right mic then. suggestions?

something to use with that for gaming to start, possibly some videos for fun down the road.

i want to be able to plug in mic and whatever headphones with whatever amp and not worry about ground loop =)

Interface Inputs Outputs Note
Zoom U-24 1+1 2ch has balanced out
Tascam US-1x2 1+1 or 1ch 1ch
Steinberg UR12 1+1 1ch
ESI U22 XT 1+1 or 1ch 1ch output is balanced (TRS)
Midiplus Studio 2 1+1 1ch output is balanced (TRS)
Yamaha AG03-3 1 + 1 or 1ch + 1aux 1ch - has balanced out (TRS)
- Stretches the budget
- is a killer feature wise

Actually the Yamaha ag06 is pretty sweet too, forgot about that one lol

IMO the AG06 only makes sense when you are doing “my first home studio”-ventures or one-man-shows.

Shame it does not have phantom power on the 2nd channel.

Yeah, but I do like the extra io nonetheless

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