Scavenge find - denon, audiosource, polka

An uncle had these lying outside my house. He says his boss just gave all this stuff to him - Denon AVR-3311CI, PolkaAudio DSW Pro 550wi, and an AudioSource amp310, with a 2nd gen Apple TV. Anything meaningful I could use out of all this?


That’s about $2k+ worth of kit. What’s not to like?

true true!
Room’s a bit cramped tho, gonna have to try an get this set up as nice as I can lol

Invest in a nice pair of bookshelfs. Killer 2.1

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I like the sound of that, what’d you recommend to compliment the sub?

Ive only got experience with micca neumi and klipsch.see if can get the microphone for the AVR so you can run the room correction. If youre located outside the U.S. maybe some of the forum members will suggest deals on the canadian and euro brands. Damn near anything will sound great with the gear you already have.

Room correction is something that I’m not familiar with, so I’d need a bit of hand-holding here. Could you link me to some resources that’d help me out here?

Best i can find. Out of stock on most of the other sites searched.

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Another suggestion would be to buy a identical sub for a balanced full range stereo system, add $100 bookselves you got nice sound. I still throw a set of micca 0o0 on the front channel for shits and giggles.

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Use them all and make nice 2.1 or 2.2 setup if HT is out of question. :slight_smile:


With regards to bookshelf speakers, at what price point would you confidently say begins diminishing returns?

What is your goal with all of this? What space do you have? This is a great haul. Big cheap power like that amp is evergreen. Only have a desk/bedroom setup? Use the Denon as a pre-amp, sending signal out of FR/FL RCA outputs into the Amp310 to act as your two-channel power amp. Send subwoofer signal to the Polk from the SW out into the LFE input on Polk. Hide the Audiosource once you’ve set the gain properly, keep the Denon handy (not sure if you got remote). You can get as power-hungry a bookshelf pair as you’d like with that amp. Consider your space/placement in terms of cabinet design. Is this Music only? Not sure your budget, I’d start basic. 2.1 turnkey setup here with a $100 pair of passive speakers. More info regarding space/usage/sound preference will guide any “what speakers” recommendations.


Thats between you and credit card. :wink:
Seriously, wish i could bring myself to click add to cart on a $1000.00 bookself and find out. Assume the cost goes up due to real wood finish, materials, bracing of the cabinet and driver manifold etc.

$500-600 6in woofer Bookself that goes on sale would be my answer.

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One other thing, now that I think of it, it would be a good idea to find replacement controllers for the sub and receiver. Despite the box full of cables, controllers were completely absent for those two devices.

See a couple used reciever remotes on ebay.

Basically, varied use, gaming, movies, TV and music, small room, 12 feet wide by 10 feet long, setup will be at the corner of my room since the tv is placed right in front of the bed. I tested the sub earlier and it is quite the beast to my ears, no idea what I really want tonality-wise from my speakers though, I don’t particularly have a budget for now. Gonna try to have them mounted on the wall, mind you, not mounted in the wall, but using the stands mounted on the wall to place them on.

Seek sealed or front-ported passive speakers (avoiding rear ported because of desired room placement).

Neumi and Fluance.