Schiit Asgard 3 faulty?

Hello guys
I have just received my new Schiit Asgard 3 AMP and it seems faulty. After 5 minutes the AMP gets insanely hot and when playing music AMP makes clicking sound (music pauses during the click). Also when volume turned up I hear a distortion, sound is a bit “electric”
What might that be? Is is because the AMP is new and needs time to “warm up”? Then again the temperature on the bottom is so hot that might burn arms…

What might that be and how to fix that??

I think this question is better directed to the manufacturer. I would recommend double checking the power supply of the unit so it is correct for your country.


Gotta agree with Dago here definitely check with Schiit and make sure the power supply is correct for you.

I recommend this also. As I just received my Asgard a couple of weeks ago myself, I can personally tell you that it does not need to ‘warm up’ per say as it’s a solid state amp and not a tube amp. Even on high gain and stupid loud volume(past 12 o’clock on the dial) the amp was never that hot. At most it was like holding a warm cup of tea/coffee.

Update on the issue: clicking in AMP was caused by 6.3 adapter. Replacing adapter solved the issue and no more clicking and pauses in music.
One problem still remains: noise in headphones. Set volume on my Schiit Asgard to more than 2 o’clock and I can hear the noise.
IMPORTANT: tried to connect AMP and headphones to my friend’s quiet laptop and it works perfectly. No issue at all.
But my noisy gaming PC is probably causing the noise.
As far as I know DAC must eliminate the noise but DAC literally changes nothing in terms of noise on high volume.
What should I do? Maybe I connect DAC the wrong way? Optical cable should transfer sound but it doesn’t
Sound should come from PC ===> DAC ===>AMP ===> headphones.
Help please :pleading_face:

Which Dac are you using and how is it connected to the pc?

It’s Geshelli Labs Enog 2 Pro DAC and it is connected with optical cable to MOBO. Though through optical cable I don’t hear any sound.
Also DAC I’d connected to AMP with 2x RCA cable.

First off, Are you sure the optical cable is any good? Secondly, Have you gone into sound options on your pc and selected the Enog as your device? Are all devices turned on and set correctly?

Optical cable has red light on each end so it must be good.
I do not have Enog shown in my devices anywhere.

Kind of reaching here… All inputs (switches) and outputs (switches) set correctly? In your sound control on pc, can you see sound being output?

• Insert a TOSLINK/Coax Cable into the input labeled SPDIF IN.
• For output you can use RCA (unbalanced) and/or XLR (balanced) cables.
Both can be used at the same time.
• Plug the included power adapter into the jack marked 12v DC.
When the device powers up, the power indicator on the front will illuminate
indicating the device is ready for use.
The ENOG2 Pro DAC has a dual function switch located on the front of the
If you hold it down for 3 seconds it will change the volume level. There are three
volume levels to choose from. Each level will significantly reduce the output
volume for increased compatibility with different amplifiers or connected
To change the input used to stream digital audio, quickly press and release the
switch on the front of the device. This will switch between a TOSLINK or Coaxial
When audio is streaming to the DAC the SYNC indicator will light up.