Schiit Audio Hersey Review

Thanks to Schiit for sending us the amp to review.

This is probably going to sound blasphemous but I think it’s the best $100 amp on the market. :hushed::hushed:

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Password? What are you hiding Jules

Edit: there is no longer a password lol

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I fixed it…lol

It took a second to update

Do you miss that amp after you sent it back?

Or you good with SP200 or whatever you are currently using?

The not so easy answer is yes and no.

We have the original Magni 3 which can’t hold a candle to the Heresy, the Heresy is leaps and bounds better than the Magni 3… Like the Magni 3 dreams about being the Heresy when it grows up…lol

I also have the Liquid spark, Sp200, and Archel 2.5 review unit (my personal 2.5 is being custom power coated-colored teal)

So I’m not short on amps… But if I’m 100% honest…

If I only had a budget of $100 the heresy is my choice. It’s super solid.

Sonically it’s on par with the THX and Archel 2.5 both of which cost more though.

The Archel 2.5 maybe very, very slight different in some areas but the Heresy is basically the same sounds as the $300 SMSL SP200.

I’ll probably sell the Magni 3 locally and buy a Heresy in it’s place…


Just bought a topping d10, would that pair well with the heresy?

yup… that’s the go to budget dac rec on this forum… consider the liquid spark as well if your tastes lean towards warmth

Sounds good to me :+1:

On schiit website, they offer different voltage power supplies, based on different regions, is there a big difference or the higher the voltage the better?

Voltage wont make a difference in quality… you just need to ensure you get the correct voltage for your region

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Great, thanks for the reply

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