Schiit Audio Kraken

Well Schiit finally release their companion to the Syn!
5.1 channel audio is not my thing, but it looks like an interesting offering. :wink:


RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!! /me imagines a box with cables (the tentacles) coming out of it’s 5.1 ports, rising from a churning sea!

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Where you guys got β€œdot 1 / 0.1” from? :grin:
Its 5-channel audio amplifier so just the 5.

But i kinda like it should have 5 year warranty and its built in Cali and Texas.

Because it is meant to be paired with the Syn or similar devices that have a sub out.
Hence my comment regarding it being a companion to the Syn. :wink:

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Dang, nice, looks cool AF.

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