some good deals here

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Modi 3 for $80 seems like a solid deal. No free shipping with Schiit though…

shipping sucks lol

I know. Spoiled with Amazon Prime.

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Unfortunately, aside from the Loki, there aren’t really any products on that list I would really recommend. Schiit really started to take off on their later products rather than their old stuff.
If you want a budget DAC, I’d rather get a D10 or E30.


i agree. a sys is still always on my desk, along with a loki. i wish the discounts were greater

We often forget with Prime, we pay a fee for the FREE shipping…just sayin…

Crutchfield is just free. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Indeed, but it’s totally worth it for me (I live in the middle of nowhere), and you get the additional video services and such. I know I pay for it, but it’s a no brainier for my family.

You think, its really built into the price…a loss of revenue is a going out of business sale…

would the Eitr in that convert the USB from my Lenovo to SPDIF I can use on my ENOG2?

I’m a bit confused on which way the conversion goes… :stuck_out_tongue:

USB in, spdif out.

okay…so will do what I need.

how good of a job does the Eltr do?

Gen 5 USB in, spdif out. Does just fine transferring the digital signal. I think the main reason its discontinued, is almost all schiit has gen 5 USB or better now.