Schiit discontinuing the Mjolnir 2

Seen a few things around, on reddit and other sites when I noticed that the Mjolnir 2 was missing from the Schiit store. From what I have seen, there is no plans for a new version, because of delays and shortages for parts, Schiit can’t actually make them now and have decided to discontinue the lineup, for now at least.

This was released in an interview. The response given was the Jotunheim 2 is so good they cannot justify making the Mjolnir 2 anymore. The demand wasn’t strong enough so they are killing the line for now. If there is a need, they will produce another one in the future but for now there is no replaced planned.

There will be demand as people will want toys that match the gungnir in size.
But first we will need to get through this electronics parts shortage.

That will be the new 11 tube Folkvangir (or something like that) amp.

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Schiit Fahrvergnügen.


And if the guys at Schiit are Marvel fans the followup to Mjolnir will be called Stormbreaker…

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Schiit GTI?

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