Schiit In-Stock and Suggestion

I felt this would be a relevant thing to put here even though this applies to AMPS and DACS…or any other Schiit product.

They are going through massive part delays for products and I think many of us know this. What I had to learn the hard way though - do NOT order things bundled right now. Back at the beginning of February I ordered a Magnius/Modius combo to upgrade. I got notification first that the Magnius was on back-order and would be somewhere in March. The date of March hit and then it was the Modius that was on delay.

Ok, well by the end of March I decided on getting a Jotunheim 2 instead of the Magnius. So, no big deal, I cancelled the Magnius and went with the Jot2/Modius. Realizing the Modius was back-ordered till April 22nd and the Jot2 was ready to ship I thought I would be safe.

Well…today the Jot2 came up as being on back-order till May 20th or something. I emailed Schiit to ask about that. If you order items together they do not “hold” any item for when another comes in ready to ship. Instead they will wait to make sure both are in stock to ship to you. So…I may be on an endless cycle of shipping delays because by the time the Jot2 is ready the Modius may be on backorder again!

Now, I’m not angry at Schiit for most of this. Part delays is something that cannot be helped. I just wish the company would explain this all to you when you order items together (because I am sure I’m not the only one who does this to save the extra shipping cost of doing separate).

So, in closing I hope I can save someone else from going through this pain.

TLDR: Order your Schiit separate if you want them quicker!

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Schiit was hit hard by the AKM fire, as all their DAC were dependent on their chips…so now they’re probably scrambling to offer new solutions on different chips, that they don’t have any experience with, like they did AKM.

People act like these items are flour and pork.
None of it is this time-sensitive. Buy what you like, and support those you wish.

I waited through Modius availability and my B-Stock A3 by proxy. Not so mad, folks. Be grown.

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I suppose my post was taken in the wrong tense, which is understandable.

All my point was to help others when ordering right now through Schiit. I actually really like the company and that they are forthcoming in what they are doing and why they have delays.

This is definitely not a situation of massdrop (Drop) and their terrible mess of customer service.

Not intended to sound like necessity items, simply stating the time you may have to wait if you order in a bundle.

Not so much to your note here, which was suggestively helpful. I’ve seen a number of folks on here seemingly foaming at the mouth, after over-wraught decision making, who refuse to wait ten days for their top choice audio accessory. I’m a patience advocate here. Whatever it takes to get people their top choice. Thanks for sharing a method.

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Just ordered a Schiit Birfost 2 and Jot 2 and so far things seem fine. I do expect to wait a few weeks though.

Lmao we did the same exact thing. Ordered my Modius/Magnius early Feb. Countless delays so I tried to modify my Magnius to a Jotunheim. They told me I couldn’t modify my order in any way so I had to cancel my entire order and reorder the Modius and Jotunheim. Now I’m notified that the Jotunheim is delayed until May. For a company that’s been around for 10 years, I feel like they’re kinda bad at communicating what the hell is going on. The fact that they don’t put anything aside is pretty annoying though.

I tried to buy a Jot and bifrost 2 and waited 5 weeks then checked site said ships in 4-6 more weeks… I canceled and just got a gumby and magnius B-stock by f5ing page a lot every day… Pretend like you are buying a gpu on the B-Stock page Lol…