🔷 Schiit Jotunheim 2

This is the official thread for the Schiit Jotunheim nheim 2 Headphone Amplifier

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Discrete, True Balanced Topology
  • 7.5Wpc @ 16 Ohms & 600mWpc @ 600 ohms from balanced output
  • Modular design w/ Multibit DAC, AK4490 DAC, or MM Phono Input options

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Finally needed an update lol, really hoping it can take what the asgard did well and further improve upon it


Hear hear! It’s taking some serious willpower to not impulse-fork-over $400 to Schiit right now…

I am interested in this one to use it with the t1.2nd.

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Supposedly it’s not warmer than the current jot but more open sounding. We’ll see…

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Looked at the PCB photo Schiit provides.

I am not anywhere close to certain how their linear PSU works. It is definetly Split rail (PCB has -22 and +22V labels :wink: ), might be two LDOs per rail. Can’t make that out from the photo.
I am also not sure what component hides on the far left between input capacitors and case. Probably a bridge rectifier.

There is a butt-load of output caps. 60mF at 44V to each other would hurt, a lot (there is probably a discharge capacitor somewhere, I hope :neutral_face:)

A pair of relays in the back (probably input switching). Case Ground is provided via a pressed-in insert to the front left of them.

The only other thing I am certain are the 20 to 30€ worth of potentiometer for volume control. Note how it is 4 modules, so a “true balanced” pot (could still be wired up to be mono :kissing_heart:)

The amplification is up to guess. I would guess discrete AB just from component count and looks.



It’s Continuity S (AB). You can read about it on headfi.

I grabbed the photo and that is all the research I did :wink:

Jason describes the single ended output as tubey. That’s a descriptor I have seen used on the A3, I’m sure most people will get this for the balanced side like with the MLP but I can’t wait to see how people stack up the SE to the one on the A3 and if its any better than the MLP at that for those with headphones that are SE only. ATM I’m super happy with my A3 and Modius to tube buffer stack but the balanced rabbit hole is something I need to explore at some point. :eye:

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Honestly I am curious if this amp will be able to do the Hifiman He6se well so I can downsize a bit. It seems to have enough power and if it is not as bright, can certainly be something intriguing

Yeah, I definitively don’t want to expend more money on audio. And them, Schiit happens! :laughing:

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If Schiit doesn’t call their marketing department “The Laxative Team” then they’re not as committed to this juvenile toilet humor pun of a name as they should be!


It might be interesting to compare this to the Liquid Platinum. The LP is awesome, but the HIGH gain can be annoying.

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I told myself I was done buying amps.


Me too, but… :laughing:


Same here however, :poop: happens


I’m also very interested to see how the SE output compares to others.

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I feel the same. I read that SE is the lesser output, but also tube-like. I found that interesting.

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Yeah, the SE will have less power and more inaudible noise. I’m more interested in how it sounds compared to A3 or RebelAmp than compared to the balanced out.