Schiit lyr 3 whit Hifiman arya

Hey I got a pair of Hifiman arya and I use a chord mojo to smsl sp200 to power them. I now started to look in to the lyr 3 and I wonder if they would be a good match ore if anyone have any other advice of hybrid tube amps !

The lyr 3 is pretty nice, solid pick. Are you looking for an all in one or separate components? Also what budget are you looking around?

The Liquid Platinum is in the same price range ATM, but the Mojo can’t do balanced out, so I wouldn’t go that way.

I would agree unless you could also grab a enog 2 pro, and that would be a killer combo with the liquid plat

Ya I watched zeos review of that one today and really like the looks of it but I like the power spec of the lyr!
But is the liquid better for arya?
I was thinking to spend max of 600 !

I would personally prefer the platinum because imo it offers higher quality amplification (although it would be a bit more than you are willing to spend because it doesn’t have a dac)

Also the liquid platinum is more powerful than the lyr balanced if that matters to you (lyr 3 is 6wpc at 32 ohms, the plat is 6.6 watts at 33 ohms)

Okay but if it’s much better I might just save up a couple extra hundred for a dac! Thanks for the help!

The one fault of the Liquid Platinum IMO is the fact it’s a 6+W amp without a gain switch, I don’t think I’ve ever had the volume knob on mine over 9 O’Clock. So you end up fiddling with tiny changes in the volume dial.
Not a deal breaker, just a reminder almost no one needs 6+ Watts for headphones.

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The enog 2 pro can help with this because of it’s output gain selector modes so that works well

Would the SU-8 be a good pairing for the same reason, I assume?

Yeah, that would be a very nice pairing as well