🔷 Schiit Magni 3+

This is the official thread for the Schiit Magni 3+

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 1/4 inch out and RCA in and pre out
  • 2400mW @ 32 ohms
  • Discrete current-feedback design

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I’m beginning to feel like there’s a push for black + red to be an ‘audiophile’ colour, like RGB is to gamers?

That black and red with the Clear Pro, can look sexy

I’ve been using the magni 3+ for a couple months now on the hd6xx and they are great. But I recently got the starfields and man, even on low gain the snap crackles and pops when plugging them in and powering the modi on and off are unbearable. Feels like I’m going to go deaf. Is this a defect?

This is normal, when you plug in and unplug you are likely to get noise as the connections form and break, and when turning off and on you are likely to hear that as well since the magni doesn’t have a power mute to hide pops like that from what I know, you would just be more likely to notice this with higher sensitivity devices

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dang, guess i wont use my iems on it then.

Just plug in the iems after turning them on. You can leave the magni on 24/7 as well

Would going from the pre-out on the Magni 3+ to another amp be possible, or just a bad idea? I’ve been eyeing switchers on Amazon if that’s the case.

It’s doable but for what purpose? I will say the Vali 2+ is a better preamp if you’re trying to shape the sound.

Just trying to make the leanest setup going out of my Modi 3+ to both the Magni 3+ and a DarkVoice 336se. Preferably with the ability to switch between those amps on the fly.

That will work fine enough. I’ve done it in the past with the Heresy no problem.

I found the magni got pretty warm, wasnt a fan of what it had to go through just to amplify the signal so i just sold it haha. Have a dongle dac/amp now, the tempotec sonata HD pro, sounds just as good as my old setup if not better

So I’ve had the Magni 3 heretic for a year now. Since the beginning I had an issue with it. After turning it on, for the first 20ish seconds of sound coming through it, the left channel fades out, than slowly comes back. After that it’s gone until like the next time I turn on the Magni+ but there needs to be time between it, as if it needs to cool down and as if the issue is that the Magni needs to warm up.

So I contacted Schiit a while back and they send me a replacement board. I installed it and it solved the issue. Since yesterday the problem is back. Kinda disappointed now…

I was wondering if more people have noticed the same issue? It’s odd that I have 2 boards suffering from exactly the same issue.