Schiit stack noisefloor and hissing IEMs, need advice

So recently I got myself a pair of FiiO Fh3 IEMs. I plugged them into my lg g7 and had a good listening session. After that I was curious how they would sound through my little dinky Fulla 2. After plugging them in there was a very audible hissing that didn’t change whilst turning the dial.

Turns out I (kinda?) messed up and bought some pretty sensitive IEMs (luckily they work fine through my g7). For quite some time I’ve been looking to upgrade my fulla 2 to a nice schiit stack, to run some of my other headphones like the hd6xx.

However, now I’m having slight doubts whether the noisefloor will be low enough for “reasonably” sensitive IEMs as well. Any experiences or thoughts on how the schiit stack handles IEMs? Mainly interested in the fh3 or other sensitive IEMs. Still pretty new to this hobby and forum, thanks in advance!

Actually I usually use the IFI IE match when ever I plug into my Asgard 3 although on most of the iems it is pretty dang quiet. I have used the FH3 on it before and do not remember any hiss per say. However my Andromeda 2020 needs the ie match then it is dead silent on high gain and jammin!!


I just looked up the IFI IEmatch and these sound like the real deal! In your experience do these compromise the sound of IEMs in any way? Seems like I can always get these if there would be any hissing on the schiit stack.

Not that I recall in the slightest to my ears at least.

I have both the IE Match had an ear buddy.
Short version on do they affect sound, yes, they change the load the amp is driving, I actually find that’s a win on my Hyla Sarda, since it’s 7 Ohm impedance is on the low side.
The changes are subtle and probably a lot less apparent on IEM’s which present more reasonable loads.
I don’t find they have any negative impact on the sound.

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