Schiit stack vs fiio k5 pro

Hi, I’m confused about what to buy I can get k5 pro for 140$ but schiit stack (modi 3 + magni heresy) for 255$ so what i must to buy and which has better audio quality ?
Note: i want to use it with phlips shp 9500 and in the future i will get also dt770 pro 80 ohm

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the Schiit stack will likely have better sound quality…but what the Magni 3+ or Heresy really bring is power for your headphones, power that the K5 Pro does not have. that power will help get the best out of your headphones that you can.

that said, for a single unit that’s good to consider, check out the iFi Zen. they have a combo DAC/Amp, as well as a Zen that’s just an amp…though most people are on the fence as to whether it’s a better amp than what the combo unit has. I have the Zen combo unit and love it!

oh, and the Schiit stack will let you get headphones that are harder to power…higher impedance like 250 ohms of 600 ohms.

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IMO the quality of the Schiit Stack far exceeds the K5 Pro. You could probably even get a used stack for $150 if you watch closely. Saw a Hersey on head-fi yesterday for $75.

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The shipping price to my country too high around 60_70 dollar. the schiit product isn’t available in my country(iraq) but the k5 pro is available in retail store

take a look for the iFi Zen then.

You could also look at any of the $200 stacks: Atom, Liquid Spark, E30/L30–they are all solid options.


this is very true, and ideally the better option as then it’s easier to mix and match as you sample more equipment.