Scrub gamer getting into audio

Hi all,

I’ve been using the Sennheiser Game One headset (direct into mobo) for a while now, but I’m looking for an upgrade specifically for warzone. For the uninitiated, audio in this game is hard to figure out. For the curious I’ve settled on Home Theatre at around 25 master volume for the Game Ones as that seems to give me the best results.

I’m asking if anyone here has had experience with the Game Ones and other headphones that they found to be worthy for upgrade(s) in terms of competitive fps. I have a condenser mic so I don’t require a mic solution. I’m willing to get a separate dac/amp or stack. Pretty open to all suggestions.

If hearing my opinions on the headset helps in making recommendations: Imaging on the Game Ones is good, but admittedly I don’t really have much else to compare it to as these are the only decent headphones I’ve ever had. I suspect that this isn’t the elite level of imaging I might want, as it seems to be less accurate the further the target is from me and it doesn’t seem to have any verticality to it.
I want to say that to me the soundstage seems intimate for an open back, but again, I don’t have much to compare it to (I think that technically these are only semi-open). Other than it doesn’t feel much more “open” than my samsung galaxy buds or airpods pro that I use to listen to music on my phone.

budget and country of origin? to help us find what works for you lol. Also if you happen to know your sound preferences and whether you have any treble intolerances

U.S. If I had to pick a budget I guess it would be about $300 total, but that’s not a hard cap by any means.

I don’t think I’ve tried enough headphones to know of any personal preferences.

I’ve been considering the HD 560S or the DT 880. I’ve been trying to research how much amp I might need for something like that.

from my experience… just for a gamer, as long as you don’t need the best sound qualities, $320-$400 is a very good budget… if you can spend that much you can get a very nice setup that will last a long time.

I do really like the 560S but they fall a bit short in terms of competitives… they are very good sounding and very natural… absolutely lovely timbre but in competitive we need good imaging and staging… of which there are better headphones for that… still, 560s will work depending on which game your playing on

that one is going to practically demand an amp from you

There are others I can recommend, I would say just go look at my write up… while outdated it still has a lot I would bring up potentially… if you have any questions… feel free to ask me, I can’t really recommend much not knowing which fps your planning to play to explain this, some games just have bad sound engines… and some games are smaller fps as we all know… games like call of duty are relatively small in comparison to say… battlefield or escape from tarkov… these games all have a bit different requirements to have good placements… example; cod can make use of narrow soundstages and work just fine while battlefield and tarkov cannot as they need a rather large staging with tarkov needing an extremely large stage

edit: to comment on Game One… it has a relatively smaller soundstage the step up from that was pc37x and nowadays is the pc38x which is potentially the best gaming headset on the market for a competitive gamer… just not good for music

Okay, thanks for your thoughts. I main cod warzone which I know has notoriously bad audio anyway.
I do really like my game ones, they just leave me wanting a little more. So I’ll do more research and consider the pc38x.

I recently switched from a Senn GSP670 (just average headset with limited wireless range) to a Schiit HEL + Beyerdynamic TYGR 300 for under $400. I couldn’t be happier with the switch. Everything sounds better and the T300 is a very comfortable headphone.

The suggestion for the pc38x is also great based on all the reviews, but if you already have a mic it might be weird having a boom that’s never used.