SE846 or IE900?

I’m looking for opinions on my next and probably end game IEM. It’s a bit of a funny one since I’ve already had the SE846 and sold it as I enjoyed the Aonic more.

I’m currently using the Aonic 5 as my go-to. I like it because of the tuning, although I would prefer mix of the Aonic 5’s liveliness and the SE846’s sub-bass (hence why I have the 7Hz Timeless). I also like the detail resolution, clarity, speed, instrument separation, and headstage (Timeless falls short here).

If the timeless had better QC, a fit like the Shure/Sennheiser, good isolation it would be ideal.

I’ve also had the IE300 but found the detail resolution not to be on par with any of the IEM’s mentioned. The bass was a touch too much and a bit lacking in texture/speed. Otherwise I loved the whole package, size, quality etc.

I haven’t had any experience with the IE900 but obviously the size, fit, quality, package is top notch. Looking at the graph it looks good except one concern and that’s the pinna gain area? Is it going to be too recessed sounding on female vocals?.

I know the EJ07M looks spot on FR wise but I’d rather also try to stay away from hybrids/tribrids. I ordered this then cancelled it.

I guess what I’m really asking is is the IE900 all that it’s cracked up to be, technically great, and a bit of a livelier SE846? Or a worth upgrade to the Aonic 5?

I listen to everything except hiphop, rap, and the Beatles! :joy:

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I am considering similar things. Ie900 has been on my list for a while. Gonna follow along in the thread.

I assume the timless falls short in just headstage, not that whole list. I had to reread that a few times before it made sense to me. :wink:

Unlistenable on headphones without crossfeed. With crossfeed, I can deal with it. :wink:

Yeah sorry, Timeless is great other than lacking a bit of headstage and the weird female vocals (at times). As I say, it’s not a problem most of the time but I’m looking for an end-game IEM.

I’m also very fond of the IE300 & Shure Aonic5/SE846 fitment. So wouldn’t want to deviate from that. Along with big manufacturer QC.

I’m ideally looking for direct comparisons of the IE900 against the IE300, SE846, or Aonic 5 and whether the upgrade can be justified.

It’s a lot of wonga to spend on a single DD unit but if it ticks all the boxes that’s all that matters.

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It is a lot of money.

My fear is I already own my end game single dd in the form of the Dunu Zen. The few comparisons I have seen to the ie900 have not inspired me with confidence.

Still, single driver IEMs seem to be more appealing to me. Coherency being a high priority.

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Yeah same. I find the all-BA Shure’s to be very good in that regard though, hiwever, you don’t know what you’re missing until you hear something else.

I should just be happy with what I have but like yourself I’m craving the perfect single driver IEM.

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All of one type of driver might be fine for me. But I haven’t heard that yet. Nor a higher end hybrid/tribrid. (Dusk is as far as I have gone)

Still a lot to explore. :slight_smile:

Hopefully others with experience reply here!

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