Search good preamps

My Setup actually is: 2 Dacs Fostex HP A3 and a Matrix Audio iproS2.
Preamp Schiit Magni 3 and Loki.
Headphone Fostex TH X00

So i search a good preamp,the Schiit is Good but the finish is not so good i find.The Volume noob going strong.

I have See the Arcam RHead but is out of production.
I need a Preamp why,the two Dacs are not so Powerfull on the singelended output with the Magni 3 is a better Sound.
The Fostex HP A3 is very warm when i compare it with the Matrix Audio.Is to clean for my opinon the Matrix Audio.

Can give me same good Preamps? The Aaa thx 789 i dont would,jds labs to,the finish is to many Plastic.

Funny you should ask… 2 years ago! :grin:

I have JUST discovered preamping. Turns out the TA-20 is doing a fine job as a preamp. And today I decided to give the SA-1 a shot at preamp. I’m feeding a DA-9 with it, and it is incredible! I was biased against it at first because it wasn’t a tube, but damn, I was kinda wrong. It’s doing a great job. I can get deeper into the power band of the DA-9 and use the levels of both to blend in that Class A sweetness. It takes an already great sound field and just elevates it to a higher level. Mids are much stronger, richer and yet controlled now. Vocals are nearly perfect. The stage is wider and the presentation as a whole is more engaging. I’m kinda blown away. I didn’t expect the SA-1 to be this good as a pre-amp. And the best part is that I still have the balanced configuration as well. Flip of a switch! And here is the biggest thing in my opinion - no EQ. That said, I do have the options that come with the DA-9. So, I have Bass, Treble and some nice presets as well as the “loudness” setting, The SDB option. It’s fantastic! The two are pairing nicely. Who knew! I know I am getting carried away a bit, but for what it is, it’s doing a fine job. Also, trying something and having success with it is always a nice thing.

This experimentation has been eye-opening. I have seen that a preamp can have an amazing impact on a system. I’m enjoying this very much. What I learn here will definitely be applied down the road. Seems there is going to be a preamp in the system from now on.


I’m not sure if it’s that class a amps by chance just have good preamps or if it’s something to do with class a topology itself but every class a amp I’ve ever used is leaps better than every other kind I’ve tried as a preamp. The singxer was definitely really really good.