Searching a headphone around 200-250€ and need help!

Hey there,
im very new to this whole headphone topic, which is why im at the moment pretty confused with all the different brands and amps and decks and so in…Today i started watching Z’s videos, because i’m searching some headphones for around 200-250€ (absolut max., still going to school :frowning: ). I’m not really sure if i really need an amp on this level ( preferably not ) and which headphones could be a good option for me, so I would be happy about some suggestions from you guys.
I would like to use them for different things, mainly gaming but also pretty important would be music and movies the least important. I do play competetive games but i think im more like a “filthy casual”. As to music, i really enjoy high quality audio in various genres such Rock, Blues, Jazz, also Classical ( mainly filmmusic ).
At the moment i was thinking of the MMX 300 Gen.2, they seemed pretty good in Z’s review, and i think i would prefer closed back over open, but its not 100% necessary, i just want a good sound in these scenarios i mentioned.
Thanks for your answers!
PlayMaxZ :slight_smile:

What music do you listen to, and what type of sound are you after?

I was going to mention the tygr 300r for something that’s pretty impressive for gaming and music, and isn’t super amp picky so it’s happy on most things, but that’s open back so that’s probably not the best option. The mmx 300 gen 2 is good, but it is a bit pricey for what it is imo. I might prefer the 770 250 ohm with a cheaper amp, but not without an amp (the mmx are less picky amp wise).

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Musicwise for ex. Foo Fighters, Queen, RHCP, Pink Floyd, Movie scores ( Hans Zimmer , John Williams ). In the Jazz genre im pretty new though, but would really like to get into it, thus far im just hearing some compilations of well recorded tracks from my father ( HiFi-enthausiast ), but i would really like to get into music hearing more again, espacially with these new pair.

I think the type of sound shouldnt be too Bass heavy and maybe more natural sounding, i also really like these cracking brilliant highs in well recorded tracks. Something like that. But honestly, at first I have to learn myself which type of sound I really enjoy because im really new to this scene, espacially headphones.
The only experience i got this far is from my father, he got really into HiFI some years ago. He had Bowers/Wilkins CM 5 or 500 idk First and now some Heco Direkt 2 way speakers with an Harmon/Kardon amp, and i have to say these do sound pretty good. XD
Hope I could answer your questions a bit. :slight_smile:

Gotcha. So how important is closed for you in the decision? I think for what you are listening to there might be better options in the open back range for this price point, but there are good closed backs that would be pretty nice as well

Solid setup :+1:

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I guess from ( open ) 0-10 ( closed) probably a 6 . I just like the effect of really closing the eyes escaping from the real world into music, although this is also possible with some opened ones, i just dont always got this super silent room with my brother living next to me aswell. The only other point would be the Use of them connected with my smartphone ( if they are easy to run ) in loud backgrounds like traveling or something like that. But these scenarios wouldn’t appeal actually that often, which is why I have just a slight preference to closed back. ( Thinking: hmn…maybe i Just need one closed and one opened pair…F*ck i already get why these guys got like 10 different pairs of headphones^^)

I also looked at the beyerdynamic site where they got the MMX 300 also as B-stock for only 200 bucks, so i would probably buy the B-Stock if i go for the mmx

Or would you dehort from this?

Gotcha, so something more closed or at most semi open would be more appropriate

Good idea lol. Well you might be able to do something like that in your budget. You could get something like open for home and closed or iems for on the go

Hmmm that’s not bad actually, that’s a more reasonable price for them imo. I think this would be a solid play, although they aren’t the most portable, they would most likely check most of the boxes you would want, and would be cheaper than grabbing 2 headphones (and also potentially an amp later on)

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Yea they are probably the right go…And buying 2 headphones was more like a wet dream where i have unlimited amounts of Cash…Thanks for the advice!
But are there any other options from brands at this price range like Sennheiser or audiotechnica, im just curious? ( If you got time ^^ )

For stuff that wouldn’t need an amp, I like the akg k371, but I think for some poorly recorded tracks it doesn’t sound as great, and the spatial recreation isn’t as impressive as the Beyer imo. There is the meze 99 classic/noir but it’s good if you want more bassy fun, but for what you listen to I would hesitate to recommend it imo. For audio Technica the msr7 (for more brighter detailed) or the ws1100i (for a bit less resolution but a bit warmer and more bassy) are still pretty solid choices, but I think the Beyer might outperform them in stage (but the msr7 is more detailed and refined imo). The Sony mdr1am2 is pretty great for warmer and smoother, but probably not the best for gaming. Other options I would want to mention would either be open or you would want an amp. Generally I think the Beyer’s are very high preforming for gaming and for music of course, makes sense here. If you wanted something open to try actually, can you get koss ksc75 over there? Honestly really impressive for the price and easily worthwhile imo alongside the beyer

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Yea i can get them here too, could try them out maybe one day to get the open experience.
Really thank you for your time and advice.
I think im gonna be happy with the Beyer!

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Very curious to hear what you think about them :+1:

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