Searching For Headphones + AMP Combo for CSGO and Music

Hi, Im searching for Headphones for CSGO at a high level. Im currently running HyperX Cloud 2s and its basically the only thing in my setup that needs to be elevated to the next level.
Budget would be up to 250 Euro for the headphones and up to 150 Euro for the amp.
The only ones i got recommened till now are the beyerdynamic 990 pros and the Sennheiser x Massdrop 6xx. Both of them seem appealing but since im from EU, specifically germany the Sennheisers are a bit harder to get since i don’t trust Drop to handle Import fees and all of that gets really expensive over here.

I’ve watched Zeos gaming video but since its over 2 years old now i wanted to ask if there is some newer, better things to get.

I didn’t find the 990s anywhere on the hifi guides list. Are they considered bad?

I also listen to music a lot so i would use them for that aswell, not only for gaming.

Also wouldn’t mind more expensive recommendations just to see what advantages they would have.

welcome to HFG Soni!

The DT 880 600 ohm are the go-to for gaming and music. The DT 990 600 ohm will work as well, but being they;re more bass heavy than the 880’s, it will muffle important sounds in the games…an example would be enemy footsteps.

You need a pretty powerful amp to drive 600 ohm headphones as well and I’m not sure what the readily av available options in the EU would be. The Monolith Spark amp is what’s often recommended for these headphones, but that’s a US based company.

That said, the Senn HD650’s (aka Drop HD6xx) are also popular for gaming and don’t require as powerful an amp to drive, however they are quite a bit more than the Beyerdynamic headphones I think.

a popular stack would be the Topping E30 DAC and L30 amp.

Thank you Marzipan for your quick reply.

As previously mentioned the sennheisers are hard to get for me, atleast the drop ones, the hd650 normal are a bit too expensive for my entry headphone. The 880 600 ohm seems appealing tho. I checked for the monolith amp but it does not seem like it is really available over here. The e30 and l30 are tho, would they be powerful enough to power the 600 ohm 880s ? I can’t make sense of their promotional pictures. If so i might consider them even tho their price point seems also a bit high. But i guess that what you need for 600 ohm. Again thanks for the quick response!

Also how big is the advantage from going from 250 to 600 ohm? I never had any sort of audiophile headphone on my head so i have no idea how they sound to begin with. For up to 250 ohm it seems amp/dac are a lot easier to find for a really good price. Performance is my main goal tho so i would really like to know the differences.

I’m not sure if the L30 amp has enough power for the 600 ohm headphones. at 300 ohm it can only provide 250mW .

as for the difference between 250 ohm and 600 ohm versions…the 600 ohm are more sensitive.

I’m not very familiar with it…but the Beyer Tygr 300 is supposed to be a popular option for gaming / music.

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thanks again, i guess i will be looking around for some sort of amp/dac that can power 600 ohm for a good price over here in EU. Since the 880s are readily available and really cheap here.

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I have pretty much been using my Sennheiser HD598’s for over 6 years as a daily gaming driver. I am still using it to date. Comfortable. Lightweight. Open-back.