Searching IEMs for gaming

Drop me some nice IEMs, I thought about KZ ZS10 Pro or the HE 100s.
I’m searching something that I can get shellshock from, playing games like Squad, BF, Arma, Hell Let Loose and Insurgency Sandstorm.
I want the horrible snapping sound when bullets hit the ground and whizz by me making me shit myself.
Maybe bass for explosions and engine sounds, but just the right amout, not iem breaking.
Right now I use Sennheiser Momentum IEMs, how do they compare?

Thanks lads!

I would say the zs10 pro. I have a few pairs of kz iems and the zs10 pro are amazing, clear, detailed, they resolve very well and the bass is tight and clear. It will chatter ur teeth if u want it to lol. But another to think about is the audzee isine 10. Yes they are alittle pricey I got mine as b stock so around 120 for them. Not quite iems not headphones open and very precise. They are very good with positioning as well.

I own the Audeze iSINE 20 and while I primarily use it for music, I’ve used it for gaming occasionally, as well. The trick is definitely to use Equalizer APO and then use the Audeze Reveal VST plugin within Equalizer APO.

Before I realized I could use the Reveal plugin, I was doing manual EQ’ing and never got the performance I wanted. They sat around for quite a while, until I realized I could use the Reveal plugin, and now they are my in-ear of choice that I use at work. I use them with a balanced cable through the LCX+SDAC and I’ve been very happy with them.

Ikko OH1’s are great for gaming. I rotate between OH1’s, DT 770’s, and LCD-2C’s (with lapel mic). All are pretty great for FPS games! Also, I’ve been waiting to try these out for sh*ts and giggles since they’re so cheap (coming soon).

Lol now those advanced sound iems are strange. Didn’t know something like that existed, and the fact that it’s pretty cheap

It’s so weird … I WANT IT! If it doesn’t work out it will be a x-mas gift for little bro.

You could use it as a more obnoxious version of those Bluetooth earpieces and loudly talk on the phone in public areas

Thanks for the input so far. I picked up the KZs, hyped to see how they compare to my Sennheisers.

I got the ZSX and they surprised me, so KZ is good at an intense, detailed sound…they are just rough around the edges(compared to something like an oh10) when they pull it off so they still have a ways to go but for the money they are easily better than closed backs