Secondary natural sounding headphone picks?

So I’m looking to pick up a second headphone to complement my Argons, I’m looking for something with a very natural, mid and vocal centric, rich sounding headphone. I’d be listening to, you guessed it, vocals and acoustic music with it.

I want it to be open for sure, I dont neee soundstage or bass extension, it does however need to have a very good center image. I’d also like to keep it as cheap as possible, or perhaps Argon price range, what should I be looking at?

Grado sr80?
Sennheiser hd58x or 6xx?
Koss esp 95x?

I’d say based on your requirements, the Sennheiser group is a great place to look. What would you be using to power them? Assume if you’re powering Argons already, you’ve got a decent amp.

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Yes, I have a Schiit Heresy

I’d say the ESP95X would probably do the trick. It’s just that you’ll be spending $400 for it. The other headphones you listed are much cheaper if you’ve already got a dac and amp to power them (which it sounds like you do).

Sounds like a Hifiman Sundara might be what your looking for. great midrange and is the headphone every one is into right now. its gonna be a reference headphone if not already.


I am a bit hesitant about them because of the treble. I’ve owned HE-400i s in the past and they killed me with those highs, I’m quite sensitive to that sadly

Sundaras are not weaker in the high frequencies mabe a little softer but still bright.

It seems to me that Sennheiser has the right sound signature for you.
I would wait for the Nighthawk Gang to appear, as it’s been a while since I heard Nighthawks, but they might be suitable too. I’m not quite sure.The Nighthawk Gang probably is still busy with secret society duties right now.

Im leaning towards the 58x . its my personal favorite affordabel mid /vocal centric headphone very natural warm lush sounding mids. its nice and smooth treble and nice bit of bass just makes ita nice laid back listen. its imaging is also nice and accurate. that takes my vote especially if your going for cheap as possible. if we want tog o cheaper the he 4xx is definitely another great choice. but iwth your experience with the 400i’s I would go for the 58x instead

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Grados are great for vocals. I tried and liked the 225, but could not get them comfortable, even swapping pads. I have 4xx but for me they lost mid definition after considerable use. Have heard the 58x often (friend) and they are known for vocals, acoustic and could work well for you. I prefer a wider s. stage and love the ksc75 on a parts express headband. Lyrics come through clearly with them. Ps Sundaras on the way!!

For use on the Heresy, which is a very analytical amp, something like the 58X might be the best match for someone with treble sensitivity. KSC75 and Grado, especially the lower models, can get a little grainy/harsh on analytical/bright amps, I think, not to mention I find the comfort of the 58X to be much better (slightly clampy). Nighthawks are unique in presentation and great, but getting tough to find within Argon-ish budget.