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  • Type: In Ear
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Ordered them today over Hifigo and already shipped, cannot wait to receive them.

Their Frequency Response intrigued me the most; very smooth looking. I was searching for a Mid-range all BA IEM and the Bravery seems to be what I was looking for. Good on SeeAudio to ship them with accessories from well known brands; not a given in this price segment.

Also, the fact that I think these look stunning definitely influenced my decision on buying them :sweat_smile:

Gonna post a full review once I have them (along with a review on the Moondrop Variations and comparisons with other IEMs)


Being a mid freak I had interest on Bravery, but after seing some reviews ill skip it since Teas exist.

Curious on your review for it and Variations tho.

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It‘s kinda weird because I tried the Teas and it seems I‘m one of the very few that did not enjoy them that much, but that‘s personal preference (as most is in this hobby ^^)

And thank you! I‘m excited to be writing my first reviews. Definitely gonna let you know what I think about them. Got a selection of tips to to try with my IEMs as well.

I got the Fiio UTWS3 last week, so I can try how different IEMs sound/behave wired vs from a good Bluetooth device (got the BTR5 for comparisons as well)


Gl with that!

Yeah I feel you. Im one of the few that thinks Variations is good on a collection, but meh as an all rounder. It’s about preferences and libraries, as always.

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I’m kind of interested in these. I am becoming an IEM collector and I want something to accompany my Blessing 2. If these have the Yume’s tuning but with more details, they are winners

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Just got an update, my Bravery should come in on Monday. Really excited :slight_smile:

Ah, also got some SpinFit CP145 today! Gonna try them out in a bit

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Received my Bravery today!

Super stoked. Already put them on and started listening. Packaging is good, cable feels nice. The IEMs themselves look amazing and are quite light.

This is also the first time that I try Azla SednaEarfit Xelastic. Will also use the SpinFit CP 145/155 S on them and try them with the Fiio UTWS3.

Really happy right now :blush:


What didn’t you like about the teas? Asking out of curiosity. Also looking forward to your bravery impressions. Somebody on discord was reccing these highly to everyone

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The things that come to mind from memory were fit (only „ok“ for me), the lack of Bass impact and the treble extension that were not that much to my liking. A classic case of „this is a really good IEM, it‘s just not for me and my taste“. I can recommend the Teas, it‘s simply not my favorite set.

Also thanks! Gonna post extensive thoughts on both the Bravery and Variations soon. Need to get my lazy bum to write up on my laptop :‘)

On the question of „Would I recommend these?“: Absolutely, no doubt. I‘ve heard quite a few IEMs at this point and would say that the Bravery would be my first recommendation in the sub 300$ price range. I‘d go as far as to say that these beat my default recommendation around 300 / sub 400$, the Blessing 2 (OG or Dusk).

The Bravery is incredibly smooth; no offensive parts in the frequency response but without sounding „boring“. Now what „boring“ is can and will change based on who you ask, but for me „boring“ means that my immersion into the music is somewhat limited; I don’t find myself getting lost in it, bopping my head to the tunes, etc. So in that regard, the Bravery is the opposite in my humble opinion, a really fun set for me.

Another note: a lot of V-shaped IEMs (be it slightly or strongly V-Shaped) bleed Bass into the Mid frequencies if they are not well tuned, and I‘m happy to say that on the Bravery Bass does not bleed into the mids at all. Mids and Bass are well distinguishable while keeping coherency.


How does it handle ba timbre? I have issue with how electric guitar and note weight of things like vocals feel to me on ba and hybrids

Damn, you got me hyped. I doubt it will out resolve the Blessing 2, but maybe more coherent

The Bravery does not really have BA Timbre in my opinion; quite the opposite, it sounds quite natural to me.

I have to talk a bit about Bass at this point. I‘m of the opinion that well implemented BA Bass is not inferior to well made DD Bass, but simply different. DDs have the rumble some crave, while BAs are faster and have better microdetails. I‘ve heard some of the best Bass each can offer (for example, the Audio 64 U12t for BAs and the Sony IER-Z1R for DDs) and both are excellent, just different.

My Moondrop Variations have excellent Bass; the DD in it is incredibly well tuned. Great impact, texture, does not bleed into the Mids, has the speed. It‘s Subbass focused, mind you, while the Bravery also has the shelf in the Midbass.

The Bravery has great Bass as well; the impact is there and it has the texture. Rumble is more stiff but speed is greater. It slams without being overpowering, and as I said does not bleed into the mids, just like the Variations. While the Variations is neutral with a bass boost, the Bravery is a slight V-Shape.

I think the Variations and Bravery complement each other very well. The Variations is much more technical, clean and lean while maintaining Bass impact and quality, while the Bravery makes for a just as fun listen that‘s more of an allrounder.

Oh yeah, Vocals sound great on the Bravery! They are not recessed at all in my opinion. Female Vocals shine more than male ones, similar to the Variations.

Both the Variations and the Bravety are at least S-Tier in terms of tuning.

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The Blessing 2 punches way above it‘s price bracket in terms of separation and resolution, but I always found it very lacking in terms of coherency. That‘s something that I find lacking with quite a number of Hybrids actually.

I wouldn’t say the Bravery is better on the technicalities than the Blessing 2, but I‘d say it comes very close. I find the Bass of the Bravery to be much better than what the B2 offers, be it the OG Blessing 2 or the Dusk. The Bravery is also very smooth and does not have any sibilance compare to the B2, one of the few nitpicks I had with it.

Where the Bravery outperforms the B2 massively is coherency. It sounds so much better in that regard, the 4BAs really sound like a tightly connected unit. There‘s no frequency bleed anywhere; everything is separated well without sounding „clean cut off“, but rather well added together; it sounds really natural in that regard.

Both compared I‘d say the Bravery is tuned better (which says something because the B2 was already very well tuned), has better treble extension, is smoother overall and much more coherent.

I will list a ton of Song examples in my review so that people can actually have a reference point whenever I talk about a characteristic.


Some Shots of the Bravery:


How would these compare to Audiosense DT600? I searched the whole internet for at least a brief comparison but found none. I plan to buy full BA set and I’m torn between DT600 and Bravery.

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Added to the comparison list in my review.

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