Seeking Recommendations

Greetings fellow ear users. I come here today looking for recommendations for headphones with the following features:

  • Closed back
  • Neutral (or close to)
  • Detachable cable
  • Good clamp force
  • $80-200

I come here because I’ve been searching for the last few hours, trying to find a good way to hone in on something that fits my preferences. It seems like all the guides I’ve seen are old ergo possibly outdated and I haven’t come across an sites that let you set enough parameters to meticulously hone in on certain products (like you’d find on a computer parts site or something).

I’d appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance.

AKG K-271 mk II comes to mind, Sennheiser HD-300 Pro is the other one that could work “detachable” on the cable invloves a screwdriver though.

If the K-271 behaves similar to the K-240, that would be my pick here.