Seeking suggestions….(speaker upgrade)

Thinking about replacing my parents speakers for X-mas. They currently have an old pair of infinity RS-8 towers and Onkyo TX-SR600 receiver. The built-in amps on both speakers recently kicked the bucket so we wired and bypassed the amps to get the 8” to work off just the receiver input. Their system still sounds ‘okay’, but with the old amp & (now busted) speakers, it’s a little muddled and running long in the tooth.

They mostly use the system for a combo of TV/Movies and some Music. I’ve been kicking the idea of replacing/upgrading it for x-mas. Looking to spend around $400., just don’t know what direction to take or if it’s worth it for my budget.

Okay to either towers or bookshelf. I’m thinking of using the Onkyo and getting some lower cost passive speakers with a small/cheap sub (Sony SSCS5, JBL Studio 530, SS-CS3, Airmotiv B1+,ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2) or getting some good bookshelf/tower without a sub (elac 6.2/UB51, Triangle Borea BR03, Q Acoustics 3030i, Wharfedale Diamond 12.1)


Ditching the existing AV receiver since it may be a factor in the current meh sound & grabbing a pair of powered bookshelfs with Bluetooth (Audioengine A5+, Klipsch R-51PM, etc) would be nice for them to listen to music without going through the TV.

FYI – their living room is about 20’w x 35’d (listening area about 16’d, area behind is kitchen), ceilings are 10’.

Not certain whats the best direction to go in…would much appreciate some input and opinion.

For the most easiest possible usability = turn power on from TV. Nothing else.
I added a Denon soundbar + bassbox for better sounds for my parents TV setup.
Fit’s right under the TV and between the TV’s legs so it was spot on size wize.

Was a xmas gift last year and they been pretty happy about it.
Audio and music ain’t that important for them in the end. To hear the sounds more clearer was the main thing.