Seems we need an official HE-4xx thread

I did a search under the Official Open Back for 4xx and nothing came up but threads for the 400i and 400se that had the 4xx mentioned in them.

anyhow, I have the og with 2.5mm connectors on my cups, which I think actually sounded better than the revised version with the 3.5mm as I bought one of them as a replacement when I thought my og were lost. they were discovered, realized they sounded better, so sold the second pair.

aaanyhow, I need a new cable and since I just bought a 400se and a 560v4, realized I could probably use their cables if I just got some 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapters.

anyone done something like that for any headphone before? was it a success or did it just become a point of adding new noise / discoloration vs. without them?