Selector switch to compare amps

I have this for switching the balanced signal from my DAC to my amps:

Is there a similar switch for 4-pin balanced balanced out so I can switch the signal to headphones quickly? If a 4-pin XLR y-cable exists (I could make one I guess), would that be dangerous for my amps or affect the sound? I’m looking to compare how my headphones sound on different amps. The quicker the switch the easier it would be to compare changes in sound.

Hello, there is a 4 pin XLR switch box from Viking Weave Cable. Zeos also had it in his Pegasus R2R DAC video. As far as I know, you have to email the Viking Weave Cable shop to get the switch box ([email protected]).

As for affecting the sound, it shouldn’t affect the sound in any significant way. Maybe if there’s a poor soldering job, but that is very unlikely. However, you should know that there are some amps that is not designed to be hot swappable, usually tube amps. So I would suggest you to read the manual if there’s any indication to not swapping headphone while the amp is on.

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