Selfmade line aray speaker (micca dms)

I just watched dms new video where he teases his new project:
He basically makes line array speakers out of 16 micca RB42.
do you guys have any experience with line array speakers, maybe even self-build.
Or maybe even tried his exact scenario,
I use ls50s, which are the furthest thing from line arrays and I always thought that a one point source offers huge advantages, but is there something behind line arrays?

Line array speakers, only from listening at concerts.

These columns probably do work and move a lot of air. A larger example of column speakers (and something that I do not have experience with but would love to) is PS Audio IRSV.

On a smaller scale, tower speakers have more drivers and move more air too.

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Yeah, Macintosh also has their line array speakers.
Most of the “audiophile” line arrays are really expensive.

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