Sell it to me. Give me your best pitch

Give me your best sales pitch of why I should buy an audio product you like. Do it in any style you please. Make it hard to disagree with lol.


Me: Do you want to live?
You: Yes
Me: Buy the Focal Utopia or you die.
You: answer pending

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Hey but death could be a pretty compelling option, a toss up really


Depends on the death it might be slow or painful

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cut by razor blades and then dipped in battery acid. :smiley:

Well I was expecting people to at least sell me actual products not my own death but I guess whatever works


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I changed my original post. I put an actual product, not just an obscure reference. :wink:

all said though, I know you well enough now to be sure I can’t convince you to buy anything. you’ve pretty much heard or owned everything worth listening to. LoL!


Do you like hearing?
Do you want your ears ripped off?
Then give me 9.99 to keep them
forks over cash
I’ll be back next month.
It’s a subscription service. You’re welcome.


That’s not true in the slightest lol

That’s literally going to be Bose headphones in a couple of years. They will just shut off if you stop paying for them. The new Bose you also even have to make an account to use them

‘pretty much’. I left some wiggle room. LoL!

cringe at :disappointed:

I mean that’s how Adobe creative cloud treats artists so I can believe it.


Software is a different topic, but that concept is starting to merge into hardware lol

Holy crap you weren’t kidding.

Yeah, I have always wondered about that and how effective it is to them

Headphones with free shipping

It seems like it’s a rent to own type deal. You can outright buy whatever you’re renting with credit you gain from using the service

Another Parasound/Halo would give you the extremely clean extra power and headroom your system is now missing, It would allow you to see just how deep those headphones really play and to be one of the few who has taken them to such glorious heights. Of course we both agree it’s not needed but it would simply put you at a level well beyond where you will ever question, “was i feeding them enough, and is that as good as they really get?”

Although, honestly I feel this is completely unnecessary since I inadvertently already encouraged the purchase of a pair of Verite’s yesterday…Damn I’m good. :rofl:

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