Selling/Trading/Buying Forum

Any thoughts on making a sales forum? In a smaller community like this, it would be great to trade/sell/buy from people we get to know.

I know things like r/avexchange exist, but you are dealing with complete strangers there and I feel like there is more risk involved.


Thought I would bump this up and see what others think.

I feel it’s a great idea. It is so hard to trust the open market when listing audiophile gear. I’d love to have an option to be a part of a forum where I can trade up some of my gear for different models out there.
Thanks for considering this platform! :blush:


I agree. This was my biggest hope when I saw this new forum: a community with active trading/selling of gear without worrying about knockoffs and ripoffs as much.

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I think it’s a great idea. Some thought would have to be put into writing the guidelines. Things like no thread crapping, put a good faith effort to resolve any differences before posting complaints, caveat emptor, no illegal transactions (duh), required contents of for sale threads, no bumping your own for sale thread, and so on.

@ZeosPantera @DMS any update on this?


Since part of the goal to this entire “guide” was to direct sales after an informed decision and to have a place to exchange information, I would also be willing to pay a “use/sales fee” (in a trade sale forum) and properly register my personal information with the site owners, to help alleviate the potential for scam and con artist attempts to infiltrate a used/trade/sale forum section. If you allow us to use your site to sell trade our own items with members whom we interact with regularly i see no problem with the site owners profiting, thus We are able to support their expenses in maintaining this community.
Just my opinion.


Ill throw one more yes in the ring for this.

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sit in munich/germany - but why not
maybe there is another nerd in my neighboorhood (europe) and we can be connected over this forum
I had deals with overseas forum(another) members and never a problem

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I think that would be a good idea.

You’re going to tell Zeos where you sleep at night? :astonished::scream:

Just kidding. I like the idea of some sort of accountability. FWIW, Ive also seen the honor system work reasonably well. I belong to another hobby forum where 50 posts is the only thing needed to sell items. It seems to weed out most of the crooks and idiots.

“Zeos would like to know your location”


Getting The Italian and the Greek ina room together would be dangerous for others, all that handwaving and cursing, and both of us talking over each other…I can just imagine it now :crazy_face: like a crazy stereotyped cartoon…

Anyway, i just recently completed 2 interstate transaction, one thru e-bay and the other a private seller from Head-Fi. The private sale went perfectly, the ebay deal resulted in anger and frustration, at this point i simply prefer private trades/barters and sales.

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Also, this guy and his idea has my curiosity piqued, he is passionate like my dealer out in Arizona… (Did i mention that these guys are AWESOME and you should visit if nearby and tell them Nick from Virginia sent you!) Yes, i know they don’t have headphone stuff, but it’s still an awesome group of guys to hang out w/ on a Sunday and chill and listen to music and drink!

I am Not Zeos Pantera and I approve of this Idea.

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Well there a are numerous selling/trading/buying sites already.
But one more would not be bad if someone want’s to sell, maybe someone would like to buy.

Since this is US based site and lot of people are from all over the globe. All the selling topics would need locked information fields that needs to be filled. Since the moderation does not really exist in this forum, sale topics would be mixed field of trash…
Locked fields like inform item, location & country, price, pics etc.
International Hifiguides selling/trading/buying forum.

Otherwise it is a bit pointless just to make another US sale site and still sending … expensive if someone wants something. Might be cheaper to buy new and local.
Unless that is what is wanted