Selling/Trading/Buying Forum

Any thoughts on making a sales forum? In a smaller community like this, it would be great to trade/sell/buy from people we get to know.

I know things like r/avexchange exist, but you are dealing with complete strangers there and I feel like there is more risk involved.


Thought I would bump this up and see what others think.

I feel it’s a great idea. It is so hard to trust the open market when listing audiophile gear. I’d love to have an option to be a part of a forum where I can trade up some of my gear for different models out there.
Thanks for considering this platform! :blush:

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I agree. This was my biggest hope when I saw this new forum: a community with active trading/selling of gear without worrying about knockoffs and ripoffs as much.

I think it’s a great idea. Some thought would have to be put into writing the guidelines. Things like no thread crapping, put a good faith effort to resolve any differences before posting complaints, caveat emptor, no illegal transactions (duh), required contents of for sale threads, no bumping your own for sale thread, and so on.