Sendy Audio Apollo

Has anyone heard about the new Sendy Audio Apollo? Supposed to be a planar with 68mm driver. 16 Ohm, 95 db, 20-40khz. Build is like the Sivga Phoenix.


looks interesting, saw a reddit post where somebody had one, googling shows it to be around the $500 price point (on a russian site at least)

It seems he got from Poland, from audioheaven. I can see their site is being updated now. I’ll check back later. He said they don’t have the ringing problem like the PII and other Sendy clones. I still like my Takstar 580s after some pad change (Got them for 45 EUR so can’t complain)… There was some serious ringing with the cloth pads, though…

First review in:

An other written review:

It’s like they both talk of a different headphone…

And another one, comparing them to the Nighthawks…

The headband looks the same as aiva’s. I wonder what the sound is like.

That’s a shame to hear because I love cloth pads. Find them so comfortable and usually the least sibilant or ringing of any other materials. Alcantara aside.