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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Open Back Planar

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Z Reviews…

I wonder, was the first set some pre-production model or can we expect that there will be forever on different versions flowing around under the same, otherwise indistinguishable name?

Somebody already have these and say they sound wider / more holographic than HD800 / Arya V2?
( Z claim)

Honestly Z will just claim any random headphone he reviews atm is the best at any random thing, wait for other reviews…

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It’s getting quite obvious recently, the way he mention " now I have a affiliate link"
" need to pay for the drive way"
a million times…

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He keeps posting the R7DX as the “closed back sundaras” along with his coupon code everywhere…

I make the cut off after he moved from the apartment, I used to defend him but his claims are more and more outlandish, he should just calm down or he is gonna lose the few guys that still trust him and after that the money is dry…

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I really hope so, I want an outlandishly wide and fun headphone that isn’t above $1500. So I’m hoping Z is accurate on these as just spurious wide and fun for no other reason than that. I’ve been let down from Z hype before, but the annoying part is that I feel his tastes for fun headphones and what he looks in for detail and sound presentation are extremely similar to mine, so when I hear that he found a fun and stupid headphone I get excited. Here’s hoping these are the ones.

Ever thought about giving electrostatic headphones (it must be an electrostatic setup because you need special amps)?

No, I don’t have the funds to invest in electrostatic. Nore do I find any of them appealing in terms of comfort or convenience. Especially considering I need to invest in a specialized energizer. I know about Kaldas, but still. Not really my forte atm. Years later I might look into them. But they are to inconvenient at this time for me.

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Fair enough.
I mentioned electrostats because so far they’ve had wider soundstage than any other headphone driver type. Good that you are aware of Kaldas.

You know, it might be worth waiting a couple of years. Maybe Kaldas releases something new, though I highly doubt it will be another electrostat.

I actually learned about Kaldas from your introduction of them on here. I thought it was really interesting for someone who is basically in this just for the love of it, no desire to really make it a business. Just try and make the best product that he can conceive of at the time. Again, wasn’t huge into electrostats so it was interesting but not in my wheel house, so when I heard about Altiat I was stoked! And still am.

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Aumkar is a different breed. He really is an outlier in the industry, a gem, a rarity. Glad to hear that I was the one who led you to this discovery :wink:

I mean, who else can you name that makes headphones this passionately and caringly, is this honest and open, and for whom it is not a primary source of income? I cannot think of anyone.

For example, Soltanus Acoustics Euridiche is imo RR1 Conquest on steroids.

I totally agree. That’s what drew me to Kaldas was that he has no need to push his product so he doesn’t. He tells you straight up. If you don’t like it, you don’t like it, their nothing special from others, but they are built well and are a honestly decent product. Do with that what you will. I appreciate that more than a company boosting this new technology that I do not understand any of the terminology or topology they have innovated. Are the Sultanus estats?

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One thing though, Kaldas Research products are the top-tier outstanding type of products/creations coming from Aumkar. Altiat is where things are a little more relaxed, but still good. For example, Aumkar said that he was not trying to make anything mind-blowing with the CAL.1H, but rather just a good headphone.

Soltanus Acoustics are electrostats as well…

Yea that’s what I actually like about the Cal 1H. It is just a good headphone that is built from what I can see and have read very well. My one gripe about the Sennheiser 600s was the plastic build. I loved the sound, but It just felt cheap and the headband did snap on me. I understand why they made it with plastics, to keep it light, but it just didn’t feel premium.

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I know what you are talking about.

While the HD6xx series is an improvement in sound from the HD59x series, I don’t think it’s an improvement in terms of build quality. If anything, it is a downgrade. I love my HD598’s to death. The build quality isn’t cheap (plastic feels premium, cable is the best rubber cable I’ve come across) and they actually feel like a premium product.

CAL.1H takes it to another level though. I haven’t had a chance to test them yet, but the primary issue with the aluminum ear-cups is weight. For example, from what I’ve heard, the wood variant is almost half the weight of the aluminum ones — which is yet another reason why I’m excited for the upcoming exotic materials program.

Yea tell me about it, I’ve held lower series Sennheisers and felt the same thing. The 600 felt like a downgrade in quality but the sound was amazing! I’m not too worried about the weight. 400g doesn’t sound too bad. I actually like things with abit of weight. Makes it feel more solid and sturdy.

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