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This is the case with most.

I’m pretty sure we’d all be more than happy to go out and give something a listen. Most of the time we have no access to listen before a purchase, so online reviews is the only thing we can rely on.

The person reading/watching reviews is the one who should make the judgment whether a reviewer is honest or does it purely as a job.

The person reading/watching reviews is the one who should make the judgment whether a reviewer is honest

I don’t think it’s a question of honestly in most cases, more a question of the reviewer having a personal taste and the viewer being familiar enough with the reviewer to be able to judge the sound not only based on what the reviewer says but also based on personal preferences and what the reviewer doesn’t say perhaps.

This is multiple levels of filtering and bias the viewer has to be aware of, which seems almost Herculean a task if you ask me.

Granted, I don’t have the opportunity to evaluate equipment in person most of the time anyways, but at least where am from there’s a mandate by law 14 day return period for a full refund / no questions asked. Most specialised shops are more than happy for you to evaluate equipment that way as long as you don’t abuse it.

The risk is imo that YT reviewers tend to pretty much all lean neutral which means you’re getting little deviation in terms of opinion most of the time, which makes it hard to discover things you may like but don’t know you would yet.

It’s like asking a person who likes story driven games their opinion on multiplayer FPS games, hardly going to get an accurate picture, however valid it may be to consider as a point of reference.

More notes on these:

I’ve tested them now on the xDuoo TA-20 and they definitely benefit from tubes despite their warmth, even tube rolling; JJs sound best overall, whereas EHs can sound a bit too warm for my liking on some tracks, but then outshine JJs on others - so I’d say if you have these give tube-rolling a try.

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I would follow up on the taste part. Every reviewer should do a quick spurt up front about what kind of music they like and their favourite headphones.

If a reviewer started a review by stating their love of classical music and their belief that Sennheiser headphones were the pinnacle of headphone technology, I would just move on.
Their review may be technically great and completely accurate it would matter much less to me as we have nothing in common, taste wise. And this hobby is ALL about personal preferences.

It is hard enough to compare opinions since we all hear differently, you need to find someone that shares your musical or headphone tastes, at least a little. IMO.

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i would never, ever again buy an IEM or headphone solely on online or youtube reviews, in a scenario, where i don’t have access to any EQ to balance out any peaks or make more major adjustments to my linkings. There are just too many parameters at work, i.e. the chain one is using, the kind of music being played (in my case quite a broad variety of genres…), how it is recorded etc. Imo, limiting you toolset doesn’t gain you anything. And throwing around hundrets and thousands of dollars (euros lol) hoping you’ll be as lucky a someone else says, he is… disregarding all these factors…nope, that’s just naive. Now don’t get me wrong, i was on the hype-train long enough myself - it’s fun! It’s exciting! Yeah… but it can also be really frustrating and sad if you encounter flaws on your beloved new item and if you realize, how much money you already spent. It’s an addiction, and i don’t want to give into it anymore. Quite the opposite, i’ll try to nerd out on EQ tweakery instead with all my gear. It’s so much fun, i currently have tweaked my P9 with APO and it sounds more like a KPH30i now. That’s how i’ll get new sounding gear now, not by buying new stuff that one reviewer hypes to the limit and another one says it’s the worst. Nooope, sorry.

Yeah I get that, you have to be careful and not allow it to become an addiction, I know better said than done. But that’s always been my take on all of this. This is a hobby, best to keep it a fun hobby rather then let it control your life in which you keep chasing that high of perfection you likely will never find.

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This here is actually really important: if you like what you hear then that‘s great! Others not liking something should not necessarily impact ones own enjoyment after all.

I greatly appreciate people being honest though. I have no doubt that DMS genuinely doesn’t like the Peacock. And most importantly, he gives reasoning as to why that is. Being critical is often confused with being rude.

I had a similar experience with the Sennheiser IE300. I personally do not like that IEM at all and returned mine. Too dark to me, too little energy, not what I enjoy. I still think though that it‘s a great IEM for those who enjoy that kind of signature, since it has the technicalities to back up it‘s asking price. And it‘s hella comfortable. So while I do not like them at all, I can still acknowledge that it‘s a good pair of IEMs. My experience with the Mangird Tea has been the same: not what I like, but it is a good IEM when I remove what I may find enjoyable and be critical about it.

If they were just not DMS cup of tea he would have said so, and brought up positive points. But since he didn’t I believe he just did not find anything good about these.

Like I said: That doesn’t mean YOU or anyone else might not enjoy them. Your mileage may vary. That sentence is so important in this hobby.

People in general have a hard time accepting differing opinions, not just in this hobby.

Your own genuine feelings and opinions are valid.

Others genuine feelings and opinions are valid as well.

Just because someone else does not like something doesn’t mean that you have to not like it as well.

Likewise, your opinions and feelings aren’t facts and the „end-all“ that everyone has to abide by.

I wish for more quality discourse and a respectful treatment, not just in this hobby.

Discuss, debate. Call out weak points or arguments. Make quality arguments as well. But don’t question someone’s tastes.

Lastly, the best critic is one self. So if you can, Test listen. It‘s not always possible, but when it is, it‘s the best way to try if you like something.


That is one way to do it and definitely the cheaper way.
I ended up buying and selling (at a loss of course) dozens of headphones over the last 7 years.

I have FINALLY gotten to to the point where I have several headphones that I love.
But that was a very LONG, very EXPENSIVE journey. :laughing:

If they were just not DMS cup of tea he would have said so, and brought up positive points. But since he didn’t I believe he just did not find anything good about these.

I have to admit; that’s really hard to believe, that there are no positive points AT ALL, even if you don’t like the sound, (which is obviously the most important metric).

But he even knocked down the build quality; this makes me think he may have received a dud. Or maybe there’s a feeling that Chinese brands asking for this kind of price must justify themselves extra hard whereas ‘Made In America’ i.e. Abyss commands the price tag? Idk, but I do find it hard to believe that there’s not a single redeeming quality he could find.

While comfort is subjective and I know he had issues with the comfort, (I find them super comfortable personally), but at least build quality wise, these are easily on par with the Campfire Audio Cascades; I am not saying there was any malice on his part, but preconceived notions are hard to shake.

Fresh one.


As an owner of these, I have found this review to be much more accurate than the Z hype or DMS hate.


Well that was a long review (three parts)!
I really enjoyed it. Lots of comparisons and he appears to be pretty impartial. WHAT a headphone collection!

It gave me a more favourable impression of the Peacock and confirmed, yet again, that I do need to grab a set of OG Clear Pro’s.

I found it much more interesting than most of his reviews. Required viewing for those looking to make a big jump in headphones.


You can tell NoThemeReviews was sending a specific message with this massive review and comparison with other headphones in this price range. That is, the audiophile community’s hype trains and HATE TRAINS are nothing but noise.

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Yeah he has an opinion and :man_shrugging:

And so does everyone else! Frankly I liked this piece. To me it was the most subjective of any I have seen to date. As you go down the road of this crazy hobby you learn pretty quickly that there is far too much noise, not enough real time data and fact. And that is OK, you have to take these things with a grain of salt. No two ears are the same, and people are going to be biased one way or the other, and that will never change. But it’s still fun to get the input because at the end of the day they can be useful. If nothing else they are entertaining.

I think @ZeosPantera understands this more than most. I give him credit for that. As for the Peacock, I would love to audition them just to see for myself what they are about. I still think they might be a great addition to the collection. Would I pay the current asking price? No, I don’t think I would. But if I could ever catch a deal…


Hi all. I just purchased a pre owned pair for a decent price. (around 500-550 $)
I also wanted to dismiss bad reviews because of obvious reasons like many of you. Just tried them for a little while this morning and as soon as put them on I noticed a rather muffled sound. But I kept listening and began to enjoy the full sound more and more. Then I tried to AB them with Klipsch HP3, another full sounding headphones and Peacocks did not come more muffled than HP3s. I have to say I love my HP3 even though they pierce my ears from time to time.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, most of the reviews, either good or bad are pretty much accurate. I hate to admit but, even DMS’. Although he is harsh, I think he just can’t forgive otherwise minor problems in this price range. My opinion is, they really don’t compete in their asking price but they don’t deserve the hate either. If you like the sound signature and what sendy tried to achieve, you can definitely enjoy them.

As for me, I will experiment and AB with other headphones but I think I will keep them for the time being.

Hey, so I bought a pair of these back in Sept from MusicTeck. First things first, MusicTeck has been amazing to work with, and they are making this replacement process painless. Big shoutout to them for their customer service - kudos to you Andrew!!

Okay so, I hadn’t used these in the past 1-2 months since I recently spoiled myself over the holidays and snagged a bunch of good deals that I’ve been playing around with. While I was doing that, I had these stored on a standard wood headphone stand and hadn’t really looked at them until the other day. Well, the wood on both ear cups had cracked right through where the headband screws into the cups. Full on crack right through. This must’ve happened due to the constant pressure on the headphone stand which by that way is concerning since the headphone being on my head would create a lot more pressure being larger. But, it is still quite concerning that even a little pressure other than being stored where the cups just hang and touch each other would cause this to happen.

Long story short, I may of just got faulty wood cups that had grains within them that made them weaker, but I would suggest to be cautious of this for current and or future owners. Keep an eye on this because maybe it could happen to other pairs.

MusicTeck contacted SendyAudio on my behalf and they are going to ship out free replacement wooden cups to me under warranty, right to my house in Canada so I don’t need to internationally ship the headphones around - very happy with this. After I get these new cups installed, I will just store these on a hanging type stand instead where the ear cups can just hang naturally against each other since im paranoid of this happening again.

Pics of cracks (on the rear side of cups, very small crack starting on front side of one of the cups too)


Wow!! Hopefully that was a once in a lifetime event.

Man, that is wild. Agree with @ShaneD, hopefully the replacements will fare better. This is the first real issue I have heard of with this model.

It happened to me too. I noticed last night, only one crack at one hinge. I reached Sendy/Sivga, they have been very helpful so far. When situation concludes, I will write here.