🔶 Sendy Peacock

This is the official thread for the Sendy Audio Peacock planar-magnetic headphone

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over ear
  • Amp needed: yes
  • Open Back

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Z Reviews


These better be good for $1799




I wish i could hear it. I liked their Aiva but it was a little too harsh with the treble. This one looks awesome. but that price is really out there. maybe a used one after a while will be more reasonable. Zeos has one and will be releasing a review.

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Interesting. I have the Sivga P-II’s, and I find them very warm, treble very smooth — no peaks or edges present.

Didn’t know Zeos got one!!! That’s some positive news at least


Have you had the chance to compare them to the Sendy Aiva?

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Unfortunately, no.

From what I have heard and read online, the P-II and Aiva sound the same. Even Zeos said it. However, some people say it differs, so what can I say.

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Sorry @WaveTheory and @voja didn’t see we already had an official thread for this set…deleted mine 😵‍💫😄


Someone already has these and the impressions are positive.


Very excited to see a video review… From anyone on this headphone.


First impressions here :man_shrugging:

PS…love the :hippopotamus: mouth case :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


DMS mentioned it at the end of his latest video:

He did not like it at all. Although I wouldn’t recommend judging it completely on one opinion. Either wait until more people have it or give a listen yourself if possible.

Glad you like it @hit_the_right_note. Having a headphone makes you listen to music for longer is the best scenario in this hobby.

It does look really nice as if there is a lot of attention to detail put into it.

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Agreed. Definitely excited to see a bunch of reviews come out. Thanks for everyone linking reviews and the review from @hit_the_right_note they’re so beautiful

Really liked this breakdown thank you. Sounds like youre loving it. It’s either this or another ZMF for me.

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“Sendy Peacock is on the way. This thing is terrible, and you shouldn’t buy it. Like Airpods Max with less bass (…) the polar opposite of great.” :eyes: @ 5:53.

You are 100% allowed to like your headphones as much as you want, but don’t say DMS likes em. :laughing:

Well thank you. Yes definitely with the way you described and the loom of them. It immediately resonated high end and ZMF-like.

I fully agree on that every ZMF it’s looks for the perfect ear pad. For my Aeolus it was the universal perferated Suede. At least with the Sendy Peacock it’s clear out of the box that they’ve got the pad they think suits it most.

Knowing me I’d still try a suede :joy:

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Oh, never mind then! All good :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

Also, I found this. Frequency response graph. Scroll down to see the graph and compare the Peacock with other headphones.

It seems like it might be going for the same type of sound as a Meze Empyrean, a more relaxed high end sound.


Yes, i expect it to be the polar opposite of something like the Heddphone. It’ll be reviled by some and adored by others simply due to its tuning.