SendyAudio Aiva

Hey Z/DMS, can we get some love for the SendyAudio Aiva’s on the Headphones thread please. I would love to hear others’ opinion on those cans. Im seriously considering purchasing them next and inputs from other people might help.

Thank you!

Hey boss,

I actually just purchased these headphones, and they are by far the best headphones I have ever tried. Take that with a grain of salt I don’t have the most experience haha. Well worth the money for the comfort, price, and style in my opinion! Good luck!

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For the price they are spectacular better then my focal’s from massdrop… @ 599… more then worth it, the cable it comes with is oozing with maximum quality and the presentation is lovely… impressive little planars, I say little because compared to hifiman which covers half my head… almost like I took two 1 gallon empty paint cans and made a pair of headphones… haha.

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Thank you @AtticSlob and @Dominic_Dager for your inputs. The Sendy Aiva is also at the top of my list for my next cans. At this point I only really have 2 top picks. Either the Sendy Aiva or the Hifiman Ananda. I just really like the looks of the Ananda as I have not own a pair with those style of pads/build.

On the plus side of this decision neither headphone will disappear and which ever one you pick is going to do great! Also if you aren’t a fan of the ones ya pick they resell pretty well, and you can try out the other!

Sadly my knowledge on these particular headphones ends on the sendy Haha. I’m not really familiar with the other headphones.

Best of luck jas!

Thanks man! I also very new to this hobby so my impressions on the 2 mentioned HPs are purely derived from reviews of other people, not based on my personal experience. But its exciting to think that we can still try out all those HPs out there for the first time. Perks of being a newbie :slight_smile:

Haha that’s right newbies have it the best!

I just bought a pair and it may be the first pair I haven’t really agreed with Zeos on. They were desperately in need of EQing to make them sound good. Once you mess around with an EQ for some decent amount of time you can get them sounding quite well. Im currently looking for some replacement pads also.

Let me know which pads you end up trying. Would really like to hear how these HPs will sound using zmf suede pads.

what is wrong with the frequency response? is it too v shaped?