Sennheiser 6xx AMP/Dac suggestion

Hi guys. I’ve always used the m40x audio-technica with the Fiio e10k amp / dac. I recently bought the Sennheiser 6xx, I feel I have enough volume using this amp.

Is it worth upgrading? Will I notice any significant difference if I buy a better dac / amp?

My bugget is around 100$


I personally think you might want to spend a bit more an get something like a fiio k5 pro, as it has plenty of power on tap, and would be a general overall upgrade from the e10k imo
Alternatively, you could grab a schiit magni heresy and use the e10k as a dac, and that would give you plenty of quality power. If you wanted to spice it up, you could get a little dot mk2 tube amp and try out the 6xx on a tube which would be pretty nice if you wanted something different


Absolutely you’ll notice a big difference… very nice headphones :+1:

Is it possible to use the e10k as dac with one of the $100 amps?

I mentioned that in my post I think

My bad… its early here… seems like the right move for op

I saw the Sabaj PHA3 in amazon for 50$ from what I read the 6xx benefit from tube amp.

Would be a good option or its chinese trash? :stuck_out_tongue:
Saw as well the fiio k3, i dont know if it is better or the same compared to the e10k

It’s slightly better but not really worth it imo

It’s a hybrid tube amp, it’s alright but honestly I would really suggest going for the little dot mk2 or if you wanted cheaper the little dot mk1+ or joxjie p20

I saw the creative Sound BlasterX G6 and Soundblaster X3, they also seem to be good options mainly because they have micro inputs but the software scares me

They are alright but not my favorite, I think you might be better off sticking with the e10k instead