Sennheiser hd 280 pro comparisons

So I saw Z’s recent review of the new 280 pro and I’m curious how they compare to some other stuff that I have. Currently looking to lessen my number of headphones in my possession without losing any functionality. The functionality I’m going for here is a cheap, decent closed back that I can take with me anywhere and if it happens to get damaged while traveling I won’t be super upset because I’m out a lot of money.

Currently for this purpose I have B&O h6 that I got used and status cb1 which were my first pair of decent headphones. As someone who owns NDH20s and Elex at this stage, these two travel headphones (if you will) leave a bit to be desired while on the go. I had my eye on the 280 pro for this purpose and I’m wondering if it would be an improvement in sound mostly. I realize the attached cable in the 280 pro wouldn’t be ideal for travel but I can deal with it or mod it to be detachable later on.

Anyone have input here? Other cheap good closed backs are welcome also

hd 280 seem like a fine headphone to go for. but I dont think you will get a sonic improvement over the h6 mostly just a different sound

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I mean personally I like the k371 more, but the 280 pro is solid

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The 371 was another one I was curious about that I keep forgetting about because it’s in that same range, seems like it’s gotten a few mixed reviews.

How do they differ?

from what I remember the senns are more traditionally neatual going for a more studio sound with a focus on mids while the k71 are more aiming for the harman target sound.

@j.fopps I got swept up by the zeos hype review and bought a pair. They sounded fine, just a bit boring and the clamp was too much for me. I returned it for a Sivga sv006 and I’ve been happy with my decision. It’s much more comfortable and very similar noise isolation. I would say that the sound isn’t awfully different, maybe a bit more warm/smooth and not so neutral but still very good for all types of genres. More enjoyable lowend too, in my opinion.

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I’ll take a look at those too thanks

Do you remember enough to compare staging and imaging on the two sets?

no sorry. but I do remember the senns to be rather narrow

If the latest version is as solid as the first one then the HD280 Pro should be extremely durable and tough. A sound desk I sometimes use has a couple of pairs which they have had forever and they are still going strong after many years of hard life. OK they don’t feel very premium but I would not expect them to fall apart on you.

The sound signature is a personal preference, if you like the Harman curve then the AKG is probably a better better choice, however following that curve only makes a design better for you if you like that curve. I suspect I would prefer the Sennheiser’but I haven’t listened to the new ones yet.

Ended up going with the (new version) 280 pros and I’m honestly impressed for $100.

Nice! Do you have the ability to try them on a tube amp? Also I’d suggest the cal as an inexpensive closed back

I do. I have the xduoo ta20 with 60s GE 5 star tubes. I just like to familiarize myself with a new set on my trusted solid state amps first before I plug them into tubes. Do I’m still in that phase right now. Excited to plug them into tubes soon.

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