SENNHEISER HD 58X & KOSS ESP/95X price cut

the hd58x is now priced at 135$ and the koss for 400$ , interesting what might come next in a discount, first the 4xx and now these :slight_smile:

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The TR-x00 Ebony’s also got discounted to 400

50-100 off the 789 would be a smart move.

It would but… That would mean md would have to keep up with even more orders lol

i hope they dropped it to 300ish $ considering the new monoprice 887 coming in few weeks and the smsl sp200

If they did decide to drop it, I would only think they would drop it 50 or 20 bucks since it’s still the higher preforming amp then the sp200

A $50 drop on the 789 would just restore it to its original price.

Yeah lol, but I would rather pay original then an inflated price if I was looking to pick one up lol

Just wanted to say that it looks like you saw it coming.

They had too. Last ditch attempt to sell them, but think its too late.

People are selling theirs’ off like crazy and moving onto stuff like the A90.

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