🔷 Sennheiser HD 620S

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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back 42mm DD

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Z Reviews…


I need a new set of mixing/mastering headphones. I am really leaning toward the MDR-MV1 Open Back Reference Monitor Headphones. These Senns intrigue me, though. From the graph and marketing, the 620s is geared towards non-critical listening instead of creative output purposes?

Consider the Sony MDR-CD900ST, if you want a cheaper one.
I dunno how it compares with the MV1 though, I expect the MV1 to be more comfortable at least like the M1ST (which I also have but prefer the CD900ST despite being less bassy).

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My knee-jerk reaction is this is a 5xx series closed-back offered at a 6xx series price.


Interested in hearing listening impressions and seeing how it graphs out. I came from having my last Senn closed back set (HD 598cs) which was…eh, not that good…too “mid”. The open back HD 400 Pro’s (HD 560s rebadge with matched drivers and better build) that I recently got are just so much better in comparison. We shall see… :headphones:

DIY-Audio-Heaven has a breakdown of the headphone up, just came across this page on his site.


reading the description on Senn’s announcement page, these are not not mixing / mastering headphones…they’re for music and gaming / streaming.

it will be interesting to see how these compare to the HD6 family and I hope that they help breathe new life into the series as they’re quite mature, even if some refreshes have been done as of late.


I was just telling my friends in Discord the same thing yesterday, that they seem focused on the gaming community. We shall see how they turn out once they get in the hands of the general public.


Yeah, they seem more “accurate” and approaching the HD 600 line with similar qualities but not for critical mixing/mastering situations. If they take well to EQ, you probably “could” get things closer to the target for using them in that capacity. More upcoming listening impressions and reviews are going to serve as a good reference point. :notes:


Yes, they seem be directing users to the Neumann range for mixing cans.

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