Sennheiser hd 660s vs drop hd 6xx

Hey guys, interested to know what are the gains and losses between the 6xx and the 660s. Basically just the differences and does the 660s have the same natural timbre that the rest of the 6xx range is lauded for? I had the 660s before and really enjoyed it but couldn’t justify keeping it for the price so I’m looking at the cheaper options in the same family.

If the differences between the lineup and the 660s are small enough, then great because I did really enjoy them.

6xx is basically a 650. 660s are more neutral and 6xx is warmer. 660s are also quite a bit more detailed.

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I speak to that in here:

Hope it helps.

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Thank you @WaveTheory , this helped a lot!

What I’ve taken from it is I’m interested in trying the 6xx out but would need to factor in amp + dac costs too. I’m also interested in trying for the tube amp effect on them.

What in your opinion would be the best combo for the lowest price to truly get the tube amp effect with the 6xx?

Thanks again for your help.

I have both. I prefer the 660S because I feel like the 6XX is missing treble, but they’re both pretty great (and sometimes I’ve been putting on the 6XX just when I want to relax into something). Recommend an amp for both.

I have the Rebel Amp which is recommended as an amp that has a “tubish” sound but isn’t a tube amp, though it isn’t cheap. I’ll let others talk about actual tube amps, since I haven’t tried any. Hope this helps.

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Go for an actual tube amp - Bottlehead Crack + Speedball. You can find them used and assembled under $500 at times. If Monolith Liquid Platinum (hybrid tube amp) drops below $400 either new or used, that’s a good one too.

I think XDuoo just released a Darkvoice-like tube amp…but I cannot speak to its quality, haven’t heard it.

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I also really loved the 660s when I had it. I kind of started this thread because I have begun to regret selling it. The rebel amp looks great but yeah as you say a bit expensive.

Thanks I’ll definitely look into those! I’m currently making a list of a headphone setup that I’d like to get going some day. So these are going alongside the 6xx setup and I’m hoping one day I can get it without blinking an eye at the costs.

I have seen some good reviews with regards to the xduoo stuff coming out but not sure really on those either.

I only ever used two amps with the 660s before and both were speaker amps. Which I know is not great but the marantz amp (at my parents home) I used was absolutely amazing. Is it possible that marantz had put very good headphone amping abilities in their speaker amps? It was class A and so that could have been a good thing for the sennheiser can?

Me too. But 6XX is ok

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