Sennheiser hd 6xx headphones & fiio m11 dac

Dear Audiophilers,

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post.

I own a pair of Senheiser HD 6XX which i got from, my question is currently i dont’ have any Dac to drive these headphones and i was wondering if the FiiO M11 Dac will have enough power to drive these headphones without adding any additional amp.

Thank you and much love.


The m11 will be just fine to power them no problem, you might want to pick up a balanced cable to run them balanced for better sound quality from the m11 in the future, but you should have no issues imo

Thank you for your reply, can you please show me which cable i need exactly for the best sound?
Sorry i’m not good with these stuff i do not want to order something wrong you mean an adaptor for the 3.5mm jack?.

Thanks again.

Something like this will work and do the job for not much money, but you can get some nicer feeling cables with custom cables like hart audio or someone like that

What about just getting an adaptor like this one: will the sound be still as good as the cable you recommended above?

No, you might as well be plugging into the unbalanced port of the m11, also that adapter is 3.5mm male to 4.4mm female as well. To get balanced you would have to get a whole new cable

Thank you so much for your advise, highly appreciated.

Hello again,

I wasn’t able to order the cable link you sent me from amazon as they don’t ship to Israel, however I was able to find something very similar on eBay can you please check the link and tell me if this one is okay and meets the quality standards of the cable you sent earlier on amazon?

Thank you again for your patience with me, I have so much to learn about these things still…


That cable will work just fine, you shouldn’t have any issues

Thank you for your prompt reply.