Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

I just got a set of the Sennheiser HD1 In-Ear Bluetooth headphones, I bought them back in 2018 as a Christmas gift for my mom. My dad got her the Apple Airpods Pro for Christmas 2020 and she likes the noise canceling and lack of neckband better, so she told me I could take the HD1’s if I wanted to (LOL regifting my own gift) so I did, and so far I’m pretty impressed by them considering they are a “lifestyle” product by Sennheiser.

first of all they have great bass, mid range is neutral and they sound a little boosted on the highs, I really notice symbols in songs, It’s interesting to me how they are tuned completely differently from my daily drivers HD650, i’ve never thought of Sennheiser products having a lot of bass, but these are for normies and not audiophiles and bass is what the people like.

As far as build quality goes they are fantastic nice red stitched leather neckband and quality feeling plastics and a lifted chrome Sennheiser logo on the right side, and very quality feeling caring case.

as far as tech goes they they get around 15 hours of listening time, and have NFC connection you can just tap your phone on the right side of the neckband and they automatically connect “even thought I can never get NFC to work on my phone” they sync very quickly and vibrate when they connect to your phone or when you power them on or off or recvce a phone call, this is a lot more useful than you think because when you hold the power button down you and don’t have the IEM’s in your ears you know if they turn off when putting them away, the down side is the stock ear tips, they suck they can be hard to get in your ear and get them pointed in the right way down your ear hole so that you can even hear them, its easy to fix this by getting foam tips, they are very comfortable with foam tips and will sound even more bassy. Because they are from 2018 that they aren’t supported by the Sennheiser app so you can’t EQ them and they have USB Micro charging, but what’s really interesting is that they where discontinued by Sennheiser around 2019 and they brought them back by popular demand, so that’s really got to be saying something about these headphones, I highly recommend them!